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    Purposely bad poems

    That's perfect! XD
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    Purposely bad poems

    Hello fellow poetry writers and lovers! Tonight I have a challenge/game for you! Can you write a really bad poem? Whether is be crude, grammatically incorrect or just plain stupid, it counts! So, let me start. A Duse's Destiny! - PuddingPalGal I love to poo It's a great thing to do Let it be...
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    Whats your favorite movie characters

    Judy Hopps from Zootopia!
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    Tell me about your pets!

    I have three cats currently. Two are completely black and one is a calico. The calico is named Sassy and she lives up to her name. XD The second is Tailypo who is named after a legendary European creature. Last is Tido who is my very first Christmas kitten. :)
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    What's your favorite thing about roleplaying?

    Fleshing out characters that you get to be in another world in your head. I love to pretend to be other things. From creatures of the night to people from supernatural worlds, I love to put myself in their positions.
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    Talents I have

    Well I draw/craft but I still have a lot to learn in my opinion. I love to bake and have many great things so far. I sing when I'm alone but when people do hear me they say I sound great. I know that my writing is pretty decent especially with the horror genera. Something I KNOW I'm talented at...
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    1941 - Fuddy-Duddy Death (1 on 1)

    Sophie realized it was only Mrs Rose. A small breath of relief escaped her lungs. Sophie didn't hate nor dislike Mrs Rose but she always felt a little overwhelmed with her uptight stature and proper attitude. The responsibility's Mrs Rose gave Sophie didn't always settle well with her. Though...
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    1941 - Fuddy-Duddy Death (1 on 1)

    Sophie sat down in her usual chair next to the window. The disappointment of the children held onto her heart. Usually she can see the bright side of things but this time she couldn't. The hard work and excitement everyone had vanished because of the ridiculous breaking of their promised...
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    1941 - Fuddy-Duddy Death (1 on 1)

    Sophie always felt sorry for Billy. His anger felt forced. She knew the young lad would never leave the orphanage if he kept acting like that. She decided she would have another talk with him just like many times before. "He's probably just hungry. Don't let him get to you like last time." she...
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    1941 - Fuddy-Duddy Death (1 on 1)

    The sudden knock on Sophie's door made her jump. Hearing Otis's voice calmed her down as she said "I'll be there in a minute." before carefully putting down her book on her bedside table. She headed to the door, opened it and greeted Otis politely. "I'm happy you are helping Mrs Helert more...
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    1941 - Fuddy-Duddy Death (1 on 1)

    Sophie Mendalin sat in her room for the third hour reading intensely. Her mind more at ease then the hours past. Her only solitude for the time is her room and her books. The children down stairs of Little Luna Orphanage were being rowdy again. They were full of excitement for the annual city...
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    Music Share: What's Playing?

    This is one of my favorite songs about a certain videogame. :)
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    Do you join new member's RP's?

    I'm new here and haven't been able to find or start an RP with anyone. I'm worried its because I'm new to the forums and I'm being blown off because of that. So, I started this thread to see if I'm right (hopefully wrong). It's ok if you or a few more don't join new member's RP's, just be...
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    True horror in a story?

    Best answer I got so far!
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    I is bored and in need of Cuddles. Hewp.

    Let the cuddles commence!!! *snuggley wuggley*
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    Witches of The Damned (OOC discussion)

    Alrighty! Here is the official OOC discussion thread on my RP "Witches of The Damned". I've decided to make it open to any kind fantasy genera character that someone wants to RP with. There are some rules however. I want to make sure this RP goes smoothly so here are the rules to keep things...
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    True horror in a story?

    I LOVE HORROR I always have. Which always made me beg the question: What is TRUE HORROR in a story/RP??? To me, it depends on the writers/readers themselves and the content. What we all find scary is either common or subjective and we are all individually affected by our fears differently...
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    The Twist

    I love plot twists! Especially if it contains answers to the most important questions in the story. The feeling I get when the answers finally come to me with a surprise gives me goosebumps! In roleplay, its even better because I love engaging my own characters into good mysteries.
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    Fantasy Lovers

    My big sister, mother and I love to share our love for Fantasy! Years ago, me and my mom traded books to see what we though of each other's tastes. She traded a fantasy book and I traded a horror book. We both loved each other's books. XD I found out how much I loved creatures of the genera and...
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    How Long...

    I usually write one to two paragraphs too. Just enough to put details and emotions into my work. If I need to do shorter or longer I will depending on the RP/story.