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  1. will30358

    OC Creation

    ^ someone kill me please
  2. will30358

    Willia's Entry

    Name: Kennedy McLeod Rajah Gender, Age: Kennedy is a 19-year old male, the oldest of his family. Role (Family): Kennedy is a Guardian - his shield tattoo is on his stomach. He now fights because he will still keep going on, for he knows that there might still be some Guardians out there, and...
  3. will30358

    ROSE (will30358 and Zora Diederik)

    Ah, the wonderful world of Remnant. It was always beautiful! There were graceful trees all around, and students were lining up to go to Beacon, the school of Hunters and Huntresses. Maybe some of them would be special! Anyways, people were going to have to do something to keep them busy. The...
  4. will30358

    ROSE RP Characters; will30358 and Zora Diederick

    Name: Rajah Toshi Nicknames: Angel Gender: Male Sexuality: Hetero Age: 18 D.O.B.: October 12, 1999 Height: 5'9 Weight: 112 lbs. Species: Faunus Eye Color: Grey Hair Color: White Skin Color: White Occupation: Student Personality: Rajah can be very secretive, and isn't always open to try new...
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    New User Yo. New User here.

    Hi, I'm new to roleplaying, think you could gimme some tips?
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    What are some RP types where the characters from different authors get to interact?

    Is it just 1 x 1? Or can it be Open, too? Is there a chance that it could be Epic?
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    Ask my Original Character Max!

    It's kinda like one of those things when you ask an OC and you get to know that character better.
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    Resolved Uh... Approval?

    I've read the approval forum several times, but I still don't get it. How do I get approved?