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  1. Oniyuri

    My moods to write/roleplay have been going up and down lately. But I am in the mood for something.

    My moods to write/roleplay have been going up and down lately. But I am in the mood for something.
  2. Oniyuri

    I really want to do a zombie apocalypse roleplay/story for some reason.

    I really want to do a zombie apocalypse roleplay/story for some reason.
  3. Oniyuri

    Oni's characters

    General Information Name - Ellie Mavis Sinclair Age - 19 Gender - Female Species - XXX Orientation - Heterosexual Occupation - Princess Appearance Hair color - Dark brown Hair Style - Laid loose down her back in waves Eye color - Aquamarine Skin color - Snowlike Build - Average Height - 5'4...
  4. Oniyuri

    Oni's characters

    These are some of the characters I tend to always use in roleplay so I decided to group them all into one forum so I can just link back to here.
  5. Oniyuri

    Looking for roleplayers

    Hello everyone. This is my first time doing a request thread here so here goes! I've been into roleplaying for over 8+ years I've only just gotten back into wanting to do more after about a year or so of a hiatus where I had absolutely no motivation or inspiration on what to do for it or even...
  6. Oniyuri

    New User Hello!

    Yeah I don't mind
  7. Oniyuri

    New User Hello!

    Oh sure.
  8. Oniyuri

    New User Hello!

    Oh I haven't done a thread yet myself I'm a bit nervous.
  9. Oniyuri

    New User Hello!

    I'm good, you?
  10. Oniyuri

    New User Hello!

    Hello and thanks!
  11. Oniyuri

    New User Hello!

    Hello and thank you very much!
  12. Oniyuri

    Futuristic tech or Magic?

    I prefer magic because I feel like it's easier to understand and write about and like know what to do with it? Tech for me personally I feel like I struggle on writing especially since my years in RPing I mostly always stuck with magic and only recently did we- well me add some tech into the plot.
  13. Oniyuri

    How many characters do you roleplay with?

    I have too many that I've created. Well I used to anyways it was over 60+ back then but now I try to keep it at 5-10 total maybe 20~ish depending. As for how many I do in a RP uhhh.. depends on the plot and such.
  14. Oniyuri

    How Would You Rule a Country?

    This is kinda hard since I'm also not exactly a leader in general. But I guess I'd try to implement stuff that can help improve the lives of others, add more laws, benefits, etc. I don't wanna rule anything using fear but I also don't think I should be too lax as it could cause negative...
  15. Oniyuri

    Why do you roleplay?

    It's super fun and I enjoy coming up with stories and characters for it. That and it's a useful distraction at times as well.
  16. Oniyuri

    Favorite OC to roleplay?

    I have like three that are my favorites but they're not in any fandoms instead they're in their own little universe. I've been updating them lots especially two of them as way back when I first started RPing they were one person but then I split them into two like 3 years ago or so giving them...
  17. Oniyuri

    What's The Hardest Thing About Writing?

    I feel like plot and motivation (plus a little inspiration here) make me struggle. I can never seem to come up with many good plots in my writing and my RPs and I end up having to piggy back off my RP partners. Not to mention I struggle for some specific characters to decide on species I can...
  18. Oniyuri

    Are your Oc's your Gender?

    90% of my characters tend to be females. I just feel like I'm more accurate(?) when I write the same gender compared to doing males. I'd also rather stick to doing females almost all the time in an RP ofc there's exceptions and I have played males but I kinda doubt my skills.
  19. Oniyuri

    Why did you begin to do roleplaying?

    It was something I was curious about and something that I got sorta wrapped into back when I was a pre-teen. Back then me and my group of friends tended to RP in our meebo statuses before we found a site called Chatzy and did our RPs there. I've basically grown up doing RP every single day with...
  20. Oniyuri

    New User Hello!

    I prefer both Gritty/Dark Fantasy and High Fantasy. I love including high elements of fantasy in my roleplays because to me it adds a bit more depth.