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  1. Nilum

    How did you get to your username?

    Nilum - Latin word, meaning "nothingness" as in the concept of absolute nothing. It can also refer to the Nile river in Egypt, depending on grammatical placement. Say it twice and you say "river nothing." I found the thought of people talking to nothing and nothing talking back amusing in a...
  2. Nilum

    INEF Advena

    "Um, what's going on?.." --Essek-13, page 1. ----------Somewhere Else---------- “Who do you think they trust anyway?” “I don’t know.” “We don’t have a lot of time here.” “I know.” “They have to choose a side.” “I know.” “What if the side they choose is unexpected?” “Then we will deal with it...
  3. Nilum

    What's the best roast/comeback/rap battle you've ever done?

    "Why would I want to fight a cripple?" "I'm not crippled!" "Not yet."
  4. Nilum

    Is Addiction A Disease or A Choice?

    Disease. The assumption that it's a choice comes first from the assumption that all persons are inherently rational actors. One observation of the world at large shatters that theory like a glasshouse in an avalanche. If a person is raised to normalize (or worse, idolize) liquor, tobacco, LSD...
  5. Nilum

    Are your Oc's your Gender?

    They're whatever is either... Most appropriate for the story at hand, Decided upon by dice roll. Part of becoming a mature writer is getting past the squeamishness of writing the opposite sex (or any gender for that matter). You can't fill a book with only clones of yourself, you gotta...
  6. Nilum

    how rasict and cruel people are these days!

    On the original topic: Making jokes about any minority group requires several social factors to be considered. Generally, I try to live by the rule that any humour of mine has to punch up, not down. Don't aim to make jokes at the expense of a victim group, make jokes at the expense of the group...
  7. Nilum

    What Helps You Write and Why?

    I haven't had writer's block in years since it isn't real. ;) Still, to spur myself into writing, I just think about all the work I've left undone and all the things I'd like to say/share. If I want to brainstorm some scenes, music is pretty great for that, though for writing I switch to...
  8. Nilum

    What things would you do if you had the time and/or money?

    Make writing into a fulltime obsession and/or become obsessed with consuming as much knowledge to better the world as I could. I couldn't just sit and passively consume entertainment. It would rot my mind and soul in equal measure and leave a taste of ashes in my mouth. I must be productive to...
  9. Nilum

    How has the pandemic affected you?

    Well, I got hit with it (Coronavirus) back in April and it had a party in my lungs with my asthma. It was... an interesting experience.
  10. Nilum

    George Floyd's Death and Police Injustice

    Just defund the police and start over. They're so comically corrupt that the only solution is taking away all of their toys and paycheques and reinvesting them into superior, multifaceted solutions. (Eg: Take some of that funding and put it into mental healthcare and hand over responsibility for...
  11. Nilum

    INEF Advena

    “All I know is that we have three problems on our hands. The ship’s damaged, there’s something hostile aboard and pod 10’s failing. I’ll find out what this girl knows about the ship’s condition, but I only got two hands.” --Isabel de Jager, page 1. NILUM Ziva’s examination of the keycard...
  12. Nilum

    INEF Advena (OOC & Sign-Up) (No Longer Recruiting!)

    VERSION CHANGELOG Added individual conversation threads to each player to update them in secret when secrets need be kept. :emoji_eye: Added link to the IC in first post. Updated section 4 to include completed main objectives and subplots. Discord has current objectives/subplots pinned...
  13. Nilum

    INEF Advena

    “Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.” -- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings. ---------------------------------------- Unlike before, there is no satisfying hiss. No reassuring activity. No humming or buzzing, no people talking, nothing. There is simply a moment where...
  14. Nilum

    INEF Advena (OOC & Sign-Up) (No Longer Recruiting!)

    VERSION CHANGELOG Created list of accepted characters. (With help from @Ouverture ) Tweaked a handful of minor items in the main OOC thread. Added Battle Maps. (To be shown in the IC later.) Added systems for Diplomacy and Battle checks. (To be added to the main OOC later.) IC going...
  15. Nilum

    Interest Check INEF Advena Teaser

    Roleplay is now live. Go wild!
  16. Nilum

    INEF Advena (OOC & Sign-Up) (No Longer Recruiting!)

    PART 4: Information Kiosk Here is where you will find the information you need to build your character, as well as immerse yourself in the universe. You will find Ancestry Choices here, and Specialty Choices here. Choose these wisely, as they will heavily shape the course of your character’s...
  17. Nilum

    INEF Advena (OOC & Sign-Up) (No Longer Recruiting!)

    Status: Full. Slots: 9/8 Taken. Ver: Other Threads? Interest Check Here. In Character Here. PART 1: THE PREMISE In the year 2380, the Earth was abandoned. Her ecosystem had been too far ravaged to remain suitable for human life. Shortly thereafter, humanity found its new...
  18. Nilum

    Interest Check INEF Advena Teaser

    Oof. Yeah, you will need a Discord to join this roleplay.
  19. Nilum

    Interest Check INEF Advena Teaser

    OOC Thread is coming along nicely. It may be up as early as tonight or tomorrow, but no promises!
  20. Nilum

    Interest Check INEF Advena Teaser

    It is. As I mentioned in the first post... Everyone gets a chance to join when the OOC thread goes live. Speaking of... UPDATE ON THE OOC THREAD: It's coming along nicely. It should be done by the end of this week at the latest, so sometime within the next four days.