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  1. Aer Shiana

    Meet the Elementalist - Crazy Old Geezer or Wise Veteran Mage?

    It was a brisk and cold morning at Arcadia Academy. A gathering of students were waiting at one of the Dueling Grounds, instructed that their class was to take place there. However, it was over ten minutes past when the class was supposed to start, and many of the students were getting antsy...
  2. Aer Shiana

    Konoha Forest, Naka River - Hyuga Lessons

    Copied and pasted from the Discord channel Katie-Today at 6:01 PM It had been sometime since Hikari could spend time with her little sister, Ori. She still wore the Anbu Uniform. Gray flak-vest with a few armor plates on her arms and shin. She carried a red and black Katana over her shoulder...
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    AerShiana's not-so-sneaky Ninjas

  4. Aer Shiana

    AerShiana's UNSC Troops

  5. Aer Shiana

    Magic Power Standard - Ranks and Classification

    As magic became more commonplace, those in the highest echelons of mage society deemed it necessary to create a system that allowed people to easily classify their magical abilities. While there are those that feel this system is needlessly limiting, a great many people find it a convenient way...
  6. Aer Shiana

    Clash of Egos - Part 2

    Clack. Clack. Clack. The sound of sparring swords colliding filled the training room of the Arcadia gym. Artoria had lost count of how many sessions they had gone through at this point, but the previously unfit Jayden was starting to improve quite a bit in both his physique and his form...
  7. Aer Shiana

    Character Sheet Template

    INSTRUCTIONS AND GUIDELINES Each section of the Character Sheet must be filled out unless it is specifically noted as optional. Refer to the guidelines below if there is a section that seems confusing, and don't hesitate to ask a Warden or GM if you're still stuck after reading. GENERAL...
  8. Aer Shiana

    Ice to meet you: Disciplinary Divison Interview

    Another day, another wave of useless recruits. Amatsu sighed and marked several applicants as DENIED, watching the failures walk off. Sifting through his ORB, he looked for anymore potential candidates for the Divison, and noticed one application that he had missed before. He blinked, and...
  9. Aer Shiana


    The first week of Artoria's stay at Arcadia had been hectic and busy, to say the least. And today would be no different. Walking through the hallways of the Student Council building again, though with a different destination in mind, the young princess was off to see the Commander of the...
  10. Aer Shiana

    Fire vs Arcane: A clash of unyielding power and massive egos

    Amatsu was truly in a pleasant mood this day. With the arrival of a man of an apocalyptic future with a robot ally, the Akishino heir was a potentially a step closer to unlocking a great milestone with his Inherited Magic. The aforementioned man, Pyotr, was still in the Medical Ward under close...
  11. Aer Shiana

    Character Sheet(s) - AerShiana

  12. Aer Shiana


    "Why.. is everything.. so far.. apart?" Artoria was utterly tired and out of breath by the time she reached her destination, following the recruitment for the Disciplinary Committee. She lost track of how much running and walking she had done in just one day, more so than when she was being...
  13. Aer Shiana

    Arcadia Halls - The Day After the Entrance Exams

    Despite her back mostly being healed up the first day, Artoria was held in the Medical Ward overnight to ensure that she was in top condition before she left; likely on orders from the Student Council President. The Princess was ecstatic for multiple reasons. Not only had she scored well on the...
  14. Aer Shiana

    Arcadia Medical Ward

    |Shortly after the Combat Exam for Team Solaris| Artoria didn't get much time to spend with Viktoriya after the combat exam had ended. After helping Xena escort her to the medical ward, Artoria would go to leave the room, only to promptly pass out due to blood loss. It turns out that she had...
  15. Aer Shiana

    CHAPTER I - Genesis || The Combat Examination - The Fate Of Team Icarus - ARCHIVED

    While the other teams of First-Years were still just beginning their combat exams, the unfortunate Team Icarus was already rendered unable to continue. The cityscape that the arena was set in was utterly demolished, with the bodies of the students scattered everywhere, covered in various burn...
  16. Aer Shiana

    New User I stumbled in and bumped my toe.

    I'm a clumsy oaf that goes by the handle of Aer/Aer Shiana in just about anything I do online. Roleplaying's a relatively new hobby I've picked up and have been doing for about 2 years now, give or take. This would be my first time trying Forum Roleplaying, as my previous experience has been in...