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  1. Naggrahn

    1x1 Sci-fi RP

    I have come up with an RP not to long ago that I figured would be pretty fun as a 1x1 story. However, there may be room for one or two more. The theme of the RP is that the characters are in captivity within a testing facility established for the testing and research of those affected by an...
  2. Naggrahn

    (IC) Cackling Devils Bazaar of Wonders

    The carriage of the Cackling Devil creaks to a stop at the side of a cobblestone road that seems to be a popular road for adventurers to travel. The door of the carriage quickly opens as a strangely clothed man leaps out from within. He straightens the collar of his tailcoat as he looked around...
  3. Naggrahn

    Nagg's Bizarre Troope! (Characters ;)

    The Cackling Devil Name: Unknown Alias: Cackling Devil Gender: Male Age: Unknown Eye color: Unknown Hair color: Brown Physiology: Cackling Devil stands at about 6'5" in height. His arms and legs appear skinnier than the average human. His chest is quite broad and his waist is a bit thin...
  4. Naggrahn

    New User Good evening fair denizens of the Storyteller's Circle!

    A man emerges from a carriage pulled by two wacky looking creatures that look slightly identical to horses, but sillier. The man is wearing a patchy frock tail coat with the buttons replaced by buttons you would see a kid wearing. On the lower half of his body, he is wearing a ragged pair of...