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  1. Boxaman

    Team 2: C Rank Escort Mission!

    JessieJames- Sunlight filtered lazily through the leaves that shifted in the breeze that caressed them just outside the main gates of the village. Kirina couldn’t help but lean back slightly and stare up at them as she waited for her charge and the two kids. The Hokage assigned them an...
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    Boxaman's Ninjas

    Use tabs above for mah characters!
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    [Side Story] Welcome to the Roughnecks

    Planet Reach, 05:45 Local Time. It was early morning on the planet Reach as a Pelican begins the ascent to space. The Pelican was jam packed full of sixteen nervous soldiers who were woken up early to spend a few hours riding in said Pelican. The soldiers were all from a variety of...
  4. Boxaman

    OPERATION: HAMMER SITREP (Recruitment thread for an ODST Mission)

    Accessing UNSC Breaking Dawn Mainframe . . . . . Access Granted. Accessing file: Operation Hammer . . . . . Access Granted. Displaying relevant files and information . . . . . Complete. AUDIO LOG: "This is Captain Jane Fredrickson speaking. Four days ago, six UNSC cruisers were dispatched to a...
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    Boxaman's UNSC Troops

    List of my troops for the RP. Warning: my bios will be a tad more indepth than others'.
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    Showdown: Duel in the Shadows!

    It was a quiet, though rainy, night in the city of Arcadia. Due to the rain, there was almost no one on the street save for the usual Disciplinary Division patrols that protect the city and its students. Downtown Arcadia, a mess of large buildings, governmental buildings, and various other...
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    Disciplinary Division Interview: A Nordic Greeting!

    After a long, grueling, sign up process involving a metric ton of paper work, Artoria was given a time and place for her interview with the DD.... at the Situation Training Arena at a bright and early six am... on a Saturday. The ORB email did not specify what she was to do other than to arrive...
  8. Boxaman

    The Scandinavia Empire

    The High Kingdom of Scandinavia Index Type of government: Absolute Monarchy, dash of Elective Monarchy Leader: High King Thorsten Strongarm Countries: Greenland, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland Capital: Stockholm Population: 43 million Military Manpower: (900,000) in...
  9. Boxaman

    Disciplinary Division Interview: Jayden Williams

    It was a cold day at Arcadia Academy as the winter air kicked in full gear. Student hurried and either speed walked or jogged to their destinations, eager to get out of the chilly air. All except for one Jayden Williams. Jayden wore his usual attire: a black suit as dark as midnight. His black...
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    Character Sheets: Boxaman

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    Magical Theories Class: First Years, Rank A, Day One

    ARRIVAL It was the first day of certain classes, as some started earlier than others. The halls were choke full of students who did not want to be awake this early. Despite this, the new year gave off a lot of livelyhood and activity, particualy from the first years who have not had their...
  12. Boxaman

    United States Military Branches and Uniforms

    United States Military Structure U.S. Department of Defense The United States Department of Defense is the controlling body of the highest ranking military personnel that preside over the entirety of the United States Military. It is headed by the Secretary of Defense. The Secretary of Defense...
  13. Boxaman

    Genesis || A Battle of Wills

    PATIENCE Jayden was quite annoyed as he sat in the Arcadia Academy Library. He sat towards the back, behind rows of shelves and dusty tomes. He tapped his right index finger on his left bicep as he sits, quietly. Jayden wore his usual outfit of a black dress shirt under a black dress jacket...
  14. Boxaman

    Team Crown NPCs

    Summary Despite Jayden's anti-social behavior, he is a natural leader when he wants to be. During Team Crown's Combat Exam, Jayden managed to rally a group of them together against Greg. After the Exam, they formed a ragtag group of companions who stick together through thick and thin. Vincent...
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    Whats your favorite type of character to roleplay?

    As the super handy title says, whats your favorite type of character to roleplay? Super goody two shoes, lawful stupid paladin-style heroes? Evil nefarious villains that have a super nice 'stache to twirl? Anti-heroes? 3edgey5me edgelords? Mine are honestly heroes with some kind of internal...
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    New User OhBoyNewPeople

    Oh no, they clicked my thread. WHAT DO I DO!?!? WHAT DO I SAY?!?! PANIC, PANIC! ABORT THREAD! Jokes aside, hello all! My name is Boxaman! I've been playing roleplaying tabletops, video games, and been in roleplaying groups since I was maybe 13? Now I am 24. Geez time goes by too fast. But...