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  1. cr0w

    The World of Equinox - Fantasy RP Recruitment Thread

    Name: Haryk Lutum Age: 56 Role: Mage Appearance: A tall and frightening figure, Haryk having broad shoulders and a lean but fit build may look like a dexterous bandit from the distance. Narrow eyes and a triangular face with a thick but clean white beard. Wearing a cowl most of the time hides...
  2. cr0w

    New User Hello

    Probably a neutral gray or brown, I would like to blend in my environment.
  3. cr0w

    The Wider Galaxy [Nation building]

    I'm interested if I'm not too late to join.
  4. cr0w

    The Random Art Dump

    Your build up of cute and colorful colors caused me to be completely startled after seeing the last one. Good job :D
  5. cr0w

    What do you want to avoid during a RP?

    Wow, I agreed with all of that point by point.
  6. cr0w

    What's Everybody Been Reading?

  7. cr0w

    How do you create your characters (process...)

    I would immediately start with thinking of the context of the roleplay itself; is it a violent futuristic dystopia? or a subtle fantasy? From there I would think of how I would want to play my character. I usually like to play the major antagonist of the roleplay without trying to force that...
  8. cr0w

    I'm A-OKay // art thread

    These are pretty good, I'm into digital painting myself but since I have the $100 wacom intuos small tablet its kinda been hard to draw since my screen is not the size of my tablet and therefore quite inaccurate.
  9. cr0w

    Royalty/Historical RPs

    Never really done anything like that to be honest. I think it would require a lot of research into that time period to successfully pull it off.
  10. cr0w

    New User Hello

    Indeed that is acceptable, one would feel uttermost compunction had they avian creatures been unwilling.
  11. cr0w

    New User Hello

    Haha okay m8, as long as your chill with birds.
  12. cr0w

    New User Hello

    Quills :(
  13. cr0w

    New User Hello

    Thanks! *Takes blankets and hot chocolate*
  14. cr0w

    New User Hello

    Just signed up, dont even know where to start so I decided to introduce myself. Have had a bit of RP experience, used to be on RPnation a lot but I wanted a different environment so I came here.