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  1. Wildflower

    The Beauty on the Beat and the Beast in the Sewers

    Evie watched as the creature hissed, which made her flinch. It didn't move though, didn't advance on her and Evie even felt like he'd taken a step or two backwards. Her eyebrows furrowed in curiosity and it was just enough of a pause for the creature to then pivot to growling and snapping at...
  2. Wildflower

    The Beauty on the Beat and the Beast in the Sewers

    Evie's first thought was to try and appear invisible, but since she was not some magical wizard, she realized rather quickly that this was foolhardy. So her next inkling was that the safest bet was to launch herself to the stairwell. But the moment she stood up, preparing to reach the stairs...
  3. Wildflower

    The Beauty on the Beat and the Beast in the Sewers

    Evie tumbled out of the red door of her favorite speakeasy. She held her index finger out, pointing at the man who had decided to toss her out into the unforgiving night. "You better be careful throwing out all the pretty women, soon all the men will have to look at is your ugly face!" The...
  4. Wildflower

    New User New Here

    Hello and welcome! I hope you find your place here.
  5. Wildflower

    Open into the unknown

    Hello there! I wanted to just post a bulletin to introduce myself in the community and hopefully find some partners to thread with. I'm a forum rper with 10+ years of experience and am very versatile in the roles I write within. Below are just a few basic pieces of information about me, my...
  6. Wildflower

    Open [Fantasy][Medieval Fantasy][Romance]The search for a story to remember...

    Hello! I am very interested with both of your potential plots and wanted to reach out to maybe plot more with. I would love to thread!
  7. Wildflower

    [Multi-Genre] Seeking Partner(s)

    Hello! I am interested in your plot F! We can PM to discuss more about it. :)
  8. Wildflower

    Open Partner Search | Long-term | Always Open | Fantasy/Modern/Other

    Hello! I am interested in The Winter King plot!
  9. Wildflower

    Closed An Assortment of Ramshackle Ideas

    I am up for La Belle et la Bête or Elf Among Us!
  10. Wildflower

    Open [Fantasy] Looking for roleplayers

    I don't have anything tangible in mind but I would love to do some rping with you!
  11. Wildflower

    MxM RP - Discuss?

    I think it definitely comes down to the community of the forum you are on, then again until joining this site (very recently), I only ever wrote on themed, world roleplay sites, which meant that there was always a huge variety of members who wanted MxM or FxF or MxF. And usually that meant they...
  12. Wildflower

    Organizing Characters

    I use Pinterest boards to really craft their aesthetic and then everything I write is saved in separate folders on Google Drive so that I have access to them easily and anywhere I am at. I am very much motivated by organization, so everything is very meticulously labeled and sorted. Especially...
  13. Wildflower

    New User Just another introduction

    Hello Naomi! I am new, like you. :) I've been roleplaying for nearly a decade now and I find it hard to keep a consistent partner as well. Hopefully we can both find our place here. What genres do you enjoy writing?
  14. Wildflower

    At Night

    The body had laid there for days. Decomposing in the sun, rotting flesh had begun to slide off the bones of a once angelic face. The seagulls perched on railings, glaring at the men who had stopped them from consuming their meal. The men themselves glared back at the seagulls, daring them to...
  15. Wildflower

    Write a story in three sentences.

    Not gonna lie but when I first read this I had to look behind me because I was spooked. :P
  16. Wildflower

    Write a story in three sentences.

    He told her that he loved her. And even though she knew it was a lie, she stayed. She never knew her worth.
  17. Wildflower

    New User wading through the never-never

    Hey Arya! Thank your for commenting! I am excited to get in the community and get some writing going. :) And thank you for your nice words, Yun Lee! My favorite country is Mongolia. I spent the majority of my time abroad there because of my two year service but I wouldn't trade that for the...
  18. Wildflower

    What was the first site you started RPing on?

    I started on Neopets and then somehow as a 13 year old ended up on furcadia until my mother found out and was horrified. I didn't know until YEARS later what kind of community furcadia really was.
  19. Wildflower

    How did you get to your username?

    I am super boring. I like wildflowers. That's it.