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  1. sissyd00q

    Interest Check Roleplay Ideas

    Anticipation: Children have gone missing and it's up to characters to find the culprit and why. Characters have the option to play as the culprits as well as the children. Institutionalized: Characters wake up in a mental institution with little to no knowledge of who they are or how they...
  2. sissyd00q

    S!ssy D00q's Characters

    Owner: @sissyd00q Name: S!ssy D00q Nickname(s): Sis, "The demonic lore of nightmares" Sex: Appears female Age: ??? Creature: ZPaxzoic (Own species which has some aspects of 'shapeshifting') Personality: Devilish, Cocky, Sarcastic, Sadistic, Manipulative, Aggressive, Mischievous...