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  1. Abroxis

    ✏ (My OCs)

    I will upload My OCs One by one Let's start with my favorite:
  2. Abroxis

    Question Character Introduction

    Hello! I am new to this site and try to figure things out. My question is, if I am not a part of a role play but still want to introduce my OCs, where am I supposed to that? It is just to introduce them to others and let them have a peek what kind of roleplayer I am (or at least what I use as...
  3. Abroxis

    What is the most important thing in roleplays?

    A question crossed my mind. What do you think is required for a good rp? I am trying to level my skills a bit. As soon as I am approved I really want to lead serious rps with other players and "train" a little bit. But I don't really know where to start, to be honest :^
  4. Abroxis

    New User Hellow, hellow !

    I play around four to five years now. A pro? No. A neophyte? Neither. Currently, I am still learning a lot of stuff. Don't worry, though, my one-liner phase is over (sighs o, so dark times...) So, here I go: My rp-style: I tried 1st Person once and it wasn't really my ride. I prefer 3rd...