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  1. Drackana Darastrix

    [1x1] Into the Wilds (Drackana&Zae)

    Rauch was currently swimming though the rainbow tinted waters of the Rainbow Sea at a rather leisurely pace. Rauch had recently used quite a bit of his personal magic stores when taking the form of one of the great Braldergons. Rauch had only been in the waters for only 10 minutes when he...
  2. Drackana Darastrix

    Count to 50 before a staff member

    I think we are on 40? If there is a message im not seeing then i guess 3?
  3. Drackana Darastrix

    Becoming the Monster

    Lifi had been trying to hide for the most part as she had made her way into the mess hall. She had taken a glance at the food but decided to simply stay out of sight as much as possible. She already knew she was a bit of a freak before the RIEP project and now as a shifter, she knew that she...
  4. Drackana Darastrix

    Becoming the Monster.

    If this is still open to new people I have this character here :)? Name: Lifi Verndari Age: 17 Codename: Laticauda Appearance (Human): Lifi is an albino and has pale skin, white hair, and pale red eyes. Her hair reaches down to the middle of her back and has a large streak of red on the left...
  5. Drackana Darastrix

    The Random Art Dump

    Ah, thank you! It was a commission piece and I really loved their monster creature. It was fun to draw and color. :)
  6. Drackana Darastrix

    The Random Art Dump

    Time to dump some more stuff >:D
  7. Drackana Darastrix

    Long way to Go!

    These look great, nice job! :D
  8. Drackana Darastrix

    [ Dead Man's Party ] [ 1 x 1 search]

    I would love to do most any of these RP themes you have listed as they fit my favored type of RPs. I also wouldnt mind doin an RP with any of your Single characters as well as I have some of my own if you like to look through them. Many of my OC characters do happen to be monsters though, just a...
  9. Drackana Darastrix

    Rotter Plotter Thread search - 1x1 wit' me?

    I wouldnt mind doing something in the Fantasy/Science Fiction/Superhero or Jurassic Park theme with you if your still looking :)
  10. Drackana Darastrix

    The Random Art Dump

    Ima just dump some more art over here >u>
  11. Drackana Darastrix

    Heroes: Recruiting

    Okay Awesome! Here is what I have then :) Name: Techna Name: Solas Nua Age: 18 Appearance: Techna wears a Rouge/Thief like outfit that is made with various amounts of stolen tech hidden within it. It looks similar to this outfit: Click Here! Appearance: Solas stands at about 5'5" and has...
  12. Drackana Darastrix

    Heroes: Recruiting

    If this is still open I would love to join
  13. Drackana Darastrix

    Monsagir, A New World to Discover

    The surrounding fields were fairly quiet it seemed, only the calls of the odd birds could be heard in the distance. The birds that had been interested in the new creatures had taken off as soon as the tiger had appeared. But farther ahead, similar bird seemed to be taking to the skies and...
  14. Drackana Darastrix

    New User I've been out of the RP game for about a decade now...

    Welcome! Gosh that is alot to read but I tend to ramble a bit when I post so i guess I cant say much though I did enjoy reading everything and learning more about you! I havent been here too long and neither have I been RPing that long either, Ive only been RPing for months? Im...
  15. Drackana Darastrix

    Here's Elsa from Frozen...

    This looks amazing! Well done! :D
  16. Drackana Darastrix

    Monsagir, A New World to Discover

    As the human had stepped into the portal, the magic within it pulled her through and tossed her out of a small whirlpool of rainbow tinted water. The water seemed to be sucking in the water but it seemed more like the water was making the portal then the water was falling or being drawn into it...
  17. Drackana Darastrix

    Monsagir, A New World to Discover

    The vines took his weight with no problems it seemed. A few spare leaves floated down from above from the movement of the vine but other then that nothing else seemed to happen. As the troll got a higher vantage point, much of the trolls vision was blocked by the amount of trees and shrubs in...
  18. Drackana Darastrix

    Monsagir, A New World to Discover

    The birds seemed to tilt their head curiously, obviously not knowing anything the creature before them had said. Two of the birds began to chatter at each other before one of them flew closer to the girl but kept about 50 feet between them. It seemed to be quite nervous of landing on the ground...