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    Character introduction.

    ( This is a working thread ) Name Balthazar Introduction King of the viking Army of the North Iceland. Balthazar was born into his kingdom by way of blood line. Lost his mother while she was giving birth to him upon sail to the island of the Gods. While he rules his kingdom by the softness...
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    RPG world discord

    Now I know what you thought of when you said hold up politics no. It is not real time politics. Instead its a discord channel I have created basically a place where we can create a new governmental world through our imagination. Figured discord would be fun because it would allow us to...
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    Your hobby

    What is your hobby that you love? The one hobby that you actually get to unwind from all the white noise. Me if I could just pick one........... Mobile and video games. That would have to be me.
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    The uprising

    Setting: City of Glimpse in Novata capital. Situation: Local and federal government have begin to revoke the rights of people in the name of security. Post or pre war? ( Pre ) Chapter one: The rain rattled upon the windows as you sat in your office chair gazing at the stormy sky while you...
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    I am curious how long it takes to be approved to post? Thank you in advance.
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    New User Hi everyone

    I am so excited to be coming back to my old passion of story telling and RPG. Little about me I am a disabled retired US Army Veteran. I have had my struggles who hasn't. But the best way is a good adventure with an imagination that can take you anywhere. Thanks.