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  1. Annie

    Open Wolf On The Loose

    ((Looking for someone who would be interested in doing a role play with a wolf shifter. I'll post a general idea of the topic here and we'll go from there. If you have ideas to enhance or something you'd like to see different I am open to them. I'll also include some questions I am still toying...
  2. Annie

    A Second Poem by Annie

    I shared this one with Mai_able and she thought I should share it here. It was inspired by a popular book/movie. Let's see if you can figure out which one BEFORE you reach the end of the poem. ;) Please do share your thoughts on it and tell me if you figured out the inspiration. The Lion As I...
  3. Annie

    Closed Interest Check: Possible new Isles

    Would anyone be interested in a Shattered Isle of Dragon Shifters or An Angelic Realm? I am willing to discuss ideas and things with anyone interested. I have two characters that would be in those two Isles. Characters
  4. Annie

    Owners Of the Night (A Poem By Annie)

    Owners of the Night A howl shatters the quiet night shivers race down my spine as I tilt my head back, answering the call of a friend then another joins the song it is my soul mate's voice and the sky fills with the call of the wild. We are a pack sticking together no matter what we may...
  5. Annie

    New User Hello from Tennessee

    Hello, my name is Annie. I am a 41 year old stay home wife and mom. I've been married to my wonderful hubby for 20 years, I have a son, who will be 18 on Mother's Day, a daughter who just turned 11 back in April. I have been role playing since my son was roughly three years old. I met @Blitz...