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  1. Jag

    Resolved/Answered If Someone Leaves

    Accounts are not deleted automatically. I suppose if someone had a reason for wanting such a deletion, they would need to privately contact one of the Admins.
  2. Jag

    Duskbound (A Fantasy Roleplay) [Sign-Ups + Discussion]

    All, I am still very much wanting to be involved, but the last little while has been difficult due to some serious obligations in the real world I’d rather not discuss. I very much want to continue, but if you move on with me or “auto” Amalia for a bit until I can post, please feel free.
  3. Jag

    OOC Discussion bad. I would love for you to stay.
  4. Jag

    OOC Discussion

    Based on their lack of reply both IC and OOC, I've made the decision to remove Saarai and Sostos from the RP. That leaves only bittersuite and I writing on the Research Team (and my character is one I adopted when Geck0 quit). That makes it pretty difficult to continue the way we had originally...
  5. Jag

    Full Looking For Jaded Adults Who Have Retired (unwillingly) From Adventure [Narnia-like]

    I don’t think I’ll be able to commit at this time.
  6. Jag

    Question Character Introduction

    Right here!
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    New User Don't get too excited, it's just me.

    Welcome to STC! You'll find there are a lot of writers here who are in a similar life situation (like me!) so I'm hoping this will be a good writing home for you. Be sure to check out the Bulletin Board area to see what ideas folks are floating looking for partners or groups to create and let me...
  8. Jag

    OOC Discussion

    There are several who haven't responded at all, either IC or checking in here. It's possible to replace with other writers, but at this point I'm more inclined to make some changes to the story arcs I was planning and remove those characters via various IC means as GM more quickly than I had...
  9. Jag

    Interest Check Character Cafe?...

    We definitely have this in The Nexus. It's an open RP where any character can exist. There's no approval process. One of the advantages is there is live RP through our Discord and it includes central locations where character can meet for the type of interactions you're describing. All you need...
  10. Jag

    OOC Discussion

    Thanks. It's been almost two weeks since the last post in one of the scenes (and one that will ramp up events), so I'm just trying to figure out if there some folks who either decided to leave already or feel that they don't want to continue. It's a fair decision to make, but it's fair to let...
  11. Jag


    Amalia offered no questions regarding their instructions, not sure that her words would even find welcome amongst the high-minded and well-civilized. It was surprising enough they counted her as one among them in the hunting party itself, but the ranger took that far more as a sign of the fear...
  12. Jag

    Full Looking For Jaded Adults Who Have Retired (unwillingly) From Adventure [Narnia-like]

    So I'm a little confused about the premise. The idea is to roll D&D characters, but all the stats and such for that is just a piece of the background lore from where the characters were prior to returning to the real world? There won't be any elements of magic and such in the actual story?
  13. Jag

    The Inner Circle

    "No," the soldier state matter-of-factly, "I don't." There appeared no malice in his voice in the cold and brutal statement that no trust flowed from his heart to the shadowy one attached to him against both their wishes, just a plain declaration in response to Zieg's statement. "But Darius...
  14. Jag


    While no one seemed interesting in speaking with the Dhenari ranger as she kept pace with those who had volunteered to go forth in hutning the creatures who had attacked the city, they tolerated her presence well enough and seemed more than content to accept her bow as another tool in their...
  15. Jag

    OOC Discussion

    Who's still with us?
  16. Jag

    The Inner Circle

    As right hand crooked a finger to cradle the carefully wrapped cigar in its trips to and from parched lips, the left -- closer to the wall and away from his new charge -- cradled the syringe given to him by Darius before. "Lived all these years, think you'd learn no one likes that poetic speech...
  17. Jag

    Is anyone else (emotionally) struggling right now?

    Just know that we're here for you and you can always find a sounding board here. Additionally, there are a lot of resources if you really need someone to talk to when things get really bad. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 I know it's trite, but seriously don't be afraid of...
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    Kiki (OC)

    Howdy! Is this just an OC you'd like to use in general? Just trying to make sure we find the right place for this post.
  19. Jag

    The Inner Circle

    All the questions and comments about Beck keeping up at his "advanced age" from the beginning of the first mission would be answered to Zieg as he kept tabs on the soldier while waiting for new orders. The training facility offered to the military personnel was just as much Beck's home as the...