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  1. RainiSage

    Sorry sorry, didnt know what your name would be.

    Sorry sorry, didnt know what your name would be.
  2. RainiSage

    New User Good evening!

    aye, thanks man. And yeah that makes sense hehe..
  3. RainiSage

    New User Good evening!

    Possibly lmao
  4. RainiSage

    New User Good evening!

    Thanks! I hope so as well. It seems like a chill community- maybe the main chat isn’t thaaaat active but still imm excited to be a part of this place!
  5. RainiSage

    New User Good evening!

    Yeahhpp. Thanks mars lmaooo. Thanks for inviting me mahboi.
  6. RainiSage

    Grossest/weirdest things that almost made you quit a RP?

    So it actually made me continue rp- lets get in depth. My friend had a character, a moderately normal one, and the character was depressed. Me, as an annoying an unreasonable 8th grader, gave the character these antidepressants. My friend immediately decided to have her down the entire bottle...
  7. RainiSage

    Anyone play music by ear?

    hey! I’ve been playing piano my entire life without ever learning how to actually read sheet music, but rather by listening to a song and splatting it onto the keys. Is there anyone else like me, without any actual experience but with a lil sense for the music?
  8. RainiSage

    What's your current mood?

    I’m annoyed, really. My dad’s been pretty rude and discriminatory towards certain groups, so yeah, i’m in an anger mood.
  9. RainiSage

    What do you start with when creating a character?

    Normally I’ll start off by deciding what their importance in the story might be- their role. I’ll build off of that, adding whatever abilities or quirks (bnha fans i see you), then going to personalities and the way they react around people, and I’ll play around with some physical designs for a...
  10. RainiSage

    New User Good evening!

    heya! My name’s Sage, and I’ve been invited here by a few fellow writing frendos. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to tell a bit about myself, so here goes. So, i’m a 19 y/o in california somewhere, and all my highschool life i’ve been taking part in small roleplays with friends. I always loved the...