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  1. Bobcat49

    add some new words to my vocab!

    Misanthrope - Someone who dislikes every person Insinuation - A hint at something bad, can be used for subtle insults. Ictuate - To emphasize Conundrum - A problem or difficult situation Good luck
  2. Bobcat49

    New User Hello everyone!

    Sorry for the late reply! My favorite kind of food would probably be fruits, basically a healthy(ier) candy.
  3. Bobcat49

    How do you create your characters (process...)

    An idea typically starts off as a quirk or other personality trait. From there I branch off and figure out what sort of character could be created to be the most dissimilar from those already created. With the basic quirk/trait and the farthest limit I find what I believe could mesh with the...
  4. Bobcat49

    What was one mistake you always made when you were new to roleplaying?

    While I still believe myself to be new to roleplaying in its entirety I have grown quite an amount. Sadly the old days were still filled with mistakes, a major one being a reliance on others to create either the personal or external conflicts for which my character was to react. I worked to...
  5. Bobcat49

    New User Hello everyone!

    I've been at roleplay for a good four of five years now, having branched out from my original robloxian routes into 1x1 text messages and even further into discord groups of usually 30 people. I prefer a small group of typically five or six but as I've said I can work with larger or small...