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  1. Deroc

    [OFFICIAL] Handshake Roleplay #1 : Square One

    Current Major Event : N/A Upcoming Major Event : Khaos Uprising (@LORDKHAOS) Overview We go back to time to where, the great empire of cakes — Arygos. Right at its "totally brick" palace, is where the Cakemaster Mythic runs his plans for world domination and a reality where cake is the only...
  2. Deroc

    Deroc's Characters

    UPDATED Under Construction -- Awaiting Updates Name : Gakdur Race : Middleman of the Six Evils Gender : Male Bio : (incomplete) Motivations : xxx Strengths : xxx Weaknesses : xxx Appearance : (incomplete)
  3. Deroc

    [OOC] History

    History "Where to begin... ah yes, the fools thought it was a joke. But with just a simple click, it wasn't anymore the same. It became real! I tell you the tale of the Resistance and the Crusade!" — @Edge45, the First Piemaster and the First Spokesperson Welcome! Here we've included the...
  4. Deroc

    ---> Start Here <---

    Resistance Against the Cake Crusade Welcome to RACC! NOTE : Please ask any questions if you're confused. I explain things better by answering questions directly. STATUS : Roleplaying Stage Hello there! "Welcome newcomers! What be this place? This place is where you can release all your...
  5. Deroc

    [OOC] Registrations and Inquiries

    Registrations Membership Registration "Anyone care to start? To war!" — Quoting the legend named SCN, the Founder. Newcomers wanna join RACC? Then come over here, we'll be happy to welcome newcomers with open arms! Whether they are roleplays, chit-chats, wars and parties; we're looking...
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    [INFO] Military Sheets

  7. Deroc

    [INFO] Factions and Cliques

    If anyone of you wishes to join in nation-building, giant warmongering, rebellions, etc. Then you're very welcomed to. Make a faction sheet for each faction you wish to see it exist in the roleplay worlds. Please keep it to one post per faction, okay? Index Template Kingdom of Pherith Owner...
  8. Deroc

    [INFO] Character Sheets

    This is the place where roleplayers of the group post their characters for roleplay. If you have no idea how to make a character sheet for RACC, then kindly refer to the template provided below: Template A (Extracted and heavily edited from the Character Sheet made by TheBoson in DeviantArt.)...
  9. Deroc

    [OFFICIAL] Information and Rules

    WORK IN PROGRESS Resistance Against the Cake Crusade Second Generation — Storyteller's Circle Branch NOTE : Please read this ---> Start Here <--- if you haven't already. Status : Roleplaying Stage Overview Are you in for mixed-genre roleplays with a focus on Fantasy elements? Do you want...
  10. Deroc

    [OOC] General Discussion

    This thread. <3 All your thoughts for today, whether relevant to the Roleplay or just something random, post it here!
  11. Deroc

    A Few Questions and Suggestions

    1. What is a "Multi-Thread Roleplay" exactly? I know it involves more than one thread, but is it more of a series or what? Does it have a subforum of its own? Are they similar to the Epic Roleplays? What are the requirements to have one Multi-Thread Roleplay? 2. Can we add in Social Groups for...
  12. Deroc

    New User Greetings from the Cakemaster...

    Greetings, fellow Storytellers! I came from a lost world, which was once active with fun roleplays and full of great homies. I used to have fun with my homies there, throwing cakes and pies to each other, until the world began to decline into a creepy ghost town... After my homeworld, which...