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  1. ShadowWalker

    ShadowWalker's Characters

    What follows is a list of characters I am roleplaying or have roleplayed in the past and decided I like. Most of the beginning of the list comes from 1x1 roleplays, so not all of them were necessarily main characters. This list will probably also give some insight into the genres I prefer. If...
  2. ShadowWalker

    Question Why Xenforo?

    Out of curiosity, why does Storyteller's Circle use a paid product (Xenforo) instead of an free/open source solution like MyBB (MyBB because Wikipedia's comparison table says it has the same features as Xenforo)? Seems like that would help cut down costs from licensing. As a side note, while...
  3. ShadowWalker

    Question Support Via Patreon?

    I saw that you have donations set up on the website to help pay for server costs and such. I'm rather wary of PayPal, after some experiences with setting up an account for someone else and hearing stories of people's accounts being frozen and never being able to receive the money that was in...
  4. ShadowWalker

    New User Hello There!

    I came across this site while trawling through another one that honestly looked like it was going to die soon... :/ Anyways, introductions. I'm currently working towards a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, though I've written a few open source programs that are available online. For most...