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  1. OmegaRper42

    The Titan, The scorcher, and the President. Tea time.

    @Katie Light shined through the rather nicely crafted window illuminating the entire room along with the two students sitting parallel to one another. One of these students was in fact the very president of Arcadia, Russian royalty Vikktiora exuded an air of strength, dignity, and a calm that...
  2. OmegaRper42

    Down town stroll

    Casually strolling down a small street filled with many bars flashing neon signs of mascots for their particular place of establishment. A tall imposing woman looked to and fro. As if trying to decide which one would best to spend her time at. Aife, an absolute amazon of a woman was something...
  3. OmegaRper42

    Library shenanigans: Two flames meet.

    Sitting at a lone mahogany table, several books piled up high looking as if someone was trying to build a tower made of reading material. Only one person sat at this table, the legendary scorcher, or in more hushed tones. The Silver slayer. Ruby. She was in a very foul mood. True her trip to...
  4. OmegaRper42

    Of Fairy tales and Legends.

    Project Fairy Tail. Ever since magic became more prominent in everyday life there has been an increasing number of Fossils/Bones discovered all around the world, having close resemblance to creatures of myth and folklore. The first of these findings was in Mongolia, 50 years ago. An excavation...
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    Visits to the market District.

    A day had passed since Ruby was admitted to the hospital and became a member of the Student Council.... Well she didn't exactly have a choice in the matter her fate sealed when she agreed to battle, The warrior princess Xena. A formidable foe to be sure in fact most would say that losing to her...
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    The Omega men and women.

  7. OmegaRper42

    The journal of Ruby the Scorcher /Amanda Kay\

    Journal Entry 1. (Age 15) I don't even know why I'm doing this.... Ok I know why, but it just seems more like a waste of time. Then again I'm not the therapist so what do I know? Alright first off to anyone that finds this and read this.... Ok first off. You're a fucking douche bag! Don't you...
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    Meeting: The Student principle and the Scorcher.

    Amanda Kay, or as commonly known by the student body as Ruby the Scorcher was casually walking to the Presidents office. Or as casually as it was to someone that was feared by most of the student body, the fearful looks, the dodging of eye contact, the beads of sweat, hell some even dropped on...
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    Characters of dark origins

    Name: Lucius Mammon Age: 24 Sex: Male Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual (mostly females, his standards for men are rather high) Morality: Neutral evil (hinges sometimes on good if can be convinced) Bio: Born and raised by a Wealthy family who had control of the greed section of the city, Lucius...
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    Light and dark fellows of unusual origin.

    Character in Tab
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    What is the dumbest thing you have even done.

    Just curious no judgements will be made <.< >.> The dumbest thing i ever did was when i was a kid (about 6 i think) and i pulled the fire alarm at my brothers basket ball game..... Twice.... i was grounded for a month. XD
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    New User Hello!

    Hay everyone. I am happy that i found this site, just from he comments i've read i can tell this place is going to be both friendly and fun. I never have been on a RP site before usually i just use deviantart messages for my RPs but i figured it was time i found a place that could get me in...