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  1. Dashmiel

    Count to 50 before a staff member

    Hey! What in tarnation is going on here? This is the 1st warning I'm giving y'all, I tell you what.
  2. Dashmiel

    New User Hello! Hope to make friends with you all <3

    Howdy Lecklas, and welcome to Storyteller's Circle! Don't fret over waxing poetic when it comes to writing and roleplay, after all that's what the place is for! :) I definitely empathize with the need for escapism during this time period we're living through. I hope you'll find in us a good...
  3. Dashmiel

    New User Well hello there possible friends (an intro with a story)

    Just popping back in here to let you know your account is now approved! You're now able to access all of the RP forums and other site features.
  4. Dashmiel

    Can new members join the Discord?

    You can join it now. You'll have to follow the steps on this link to connect your site account with your discord.
  5. Dashmiel

    New User Well hello there possible friends (an intro with a story)

    Greetings Poet, and welcome to Storyteller's Circle! Gotta say, as far as catchphrases go, you can't do much better than majestic butter. Looks like you peaked a long time ago. Don't worry about your age, you're fine. There is something about age on our registration form, along with the legal...
  6. Dashmiel

    New User Newbie Incoming :)

    Hello Bygones, and welcome to Storyteller's Circle! I certainly hope we prove to be the one in your search for a community! Things are definitely hectic nowadays, just passed day 7 of 14 of self quarantine myself. Lots of new arrivals in this time though, so lots of new people to form new...
  7. Dashmiel

    New User Introduction Thread for Booklover

    Hey Booklover, welcome to Storyteller's Circle! I wouldn't worry overmuch about the name; you can't really embody the whole glass-houses and stones thing any better than from within an RP site I reckon. Besides, hard to find a place where the name would be more apt, outside of a book club...
  8. Dashmiel

    New User Salutations, Madams, Sirs, and Non-conforming Gentlepeeps

    Just dropping by to let you know your account has been approved @Featherstone! Happy RP'ing!
  9. Dashmiel

    New User A simple question.

    Welcome to Storyteller's Circle, Thomas! I hope you'll find good partners to dance to here with us. If you have any questions or chaperoning needs, don't hesitate to ask. And for the benefit of others seeking, what kind of genres are you currently looking to dance to?
  10. Dashmiel

    New User I am Treehee, hello

    Haven't seen one run on here yet with us, I used to be in one that was a sci-fi adventure where we spreadsheet-ed the space encounters and free formed the in-station bits. Was good fun. You could post an interest check and be the first to introduce the concept on here :)
  11. Dashmiel

    New User Existing

    Welcome back crazy cat lady! Again! :P
  12. Dashmiel

    New User Greetings

    Hello and welcome to Storyteller's Circle! Like you, any sane individual, and uncle Jack with his horse; I too believe in the power of the Oxford comma. I've only read maybe 5 of Pratchett's long list of works, but I've enjoyed them immensely and always keep meaning to grab some more. I hope...
  13. Dashmiel

    New User Hi, I'm Anne

    Howdy Anne and welcome to Storyteller's Circle! That is a mighty pack of dogs you have there! I'm a dog lover too, but only have one cat at the moment. I'm really glad there's people like you on the preservation of nature front. Myself, I haven't had many chances to help around my local area...
  14. Dashmiel

    New User Greeting seasons.

    Howdy Ele, and welcome to Storyteller's Circle! Wiggy is an adorable name for a ferret. Though it could be your dog too, in which case I must imagine her as some charmingly incongruous breed, like a gigantic Mastiff. Since you've provided a nifty list of genres you'd enjoy, you can probably...
  15. Dashmiel

    Open Lockdown at Cordova [Can you escape before being decimated.]

    I'll be playing the monster, and I look forward to creep you all out!
  16. Dashmiel

    how rasict and cruel people are these days!

    This is a really hard one to take a side on, because I can empathize where people being against these kind of jokes even being allowed are coming from. But in my opinion, I believe they should be allowed to be a thing that is not illegal to do. Don't misunderstand, I do not tolerate them or use...
  17. Dashmiel

    New User I suppose introductions are in order.

    Forgot to add, your account has now been approved, so you're fully free to go on and terrorize the far reaches of space in our roleplay sections.
  18. Dashmiel

    New User I suppose introductions are in order.

    I do have a hat as a matter of fact. Love the Dead Space series, lots of great memories there. Even if 3 was a bit of a departure from the earlier ones, I still remember how trippy it felt to realize my online partner didn't know we were not seeing the same things. Ok, on to RP. Cosmic horror...
  19. Dashmiel


    Glad you find it amusing! The process to start a roleplay generally starts with posting on the bulletin board to get interested people to check out your pitch, then you can post a thread in one of the Roleplay areas. However before you can do that, your account needs to be approved for...