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  1. Eutherrae

    Question Delete threads

    How do I delete threads on the bulletin board?
  2. Eutherrae

    Continue the story...

    Using one sentence, continue the story from the person before you...
  3. Eutherrae

    Open [Fantasy] Looking for roleplayers

    Since I'm only available for about 7-8 days now, I'm open to discussions so we can increase flexibility. Perhaps we can do a 1x1 rp for the short term Or Open it up to others and keep the rp running with the help of active rpers. Let me know about your opinions if you're interested in the...
  4. Eutherrae

    What would you do when attacked on the roadside?

    Anything very ridiculous and very imaginative is very welcome. This is for fun, anyways...
  5. Eutherrae

    Write a story in three sentences.

    It's not ridiculous.... Ex. I came home. A ragdoll hung from the ceiling fan. A shadow appeared beside mine.
  6. Eutherrae

    New User Hollaaaa...✋

    Available for 7 days starting from today....