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  1. Chaos Sphere


    Within the United States of America, there exist a place where men wrestle with terrifying beasts that prowl in their streets, where men perform obscenities incomprehensible to the ordinary eye, where social anomalies cause occassional inconvenience to ignorant men, where disorder is a...
  2. Chaos Sphere

    Chaos Sphere's Madmen

    [(Character 1 - Frederick Feller)] Name - Frederick Feller Appearance - A fair-skinned man with a completely average build. He always wears a black business suit that he complements with a grey shirt and a red necktie, which matches with his dark-blue formal slacks and brown leather shoes. His...
  3. Chaos Sphere

    New User WARNING!! The Chaos Sphere Approaches

    Greetings to everyone within the Circle! I am Chaos Sphere, and I would permit any reasonable-sounding nickname to be used. I may be fresh to this very forum, but I have my own share of experience in terms of roleplaying in general. I strongly favor fantasy and sci-fi RPs that have a good...