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    The runaway princess!

    They came without warning... Seemingly out of nowhere the largest beastmen herde ever encountered swept through the Bretonia dukedoms Carcassonne, Brionne, and Couronne, all 3 were gone. . 2 more dukedomes, Montfort and Lyonesse were under siege. Most of their peasent populations had been...
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    The princes of war

    Chapter 1... It looks like I'm all that's left. She woke up by a rocky shore somewhere presumably on the mainland.. She; princess Kelieahn of the Elven Kingdom, was sent by her father to discuss a alliance with the Grado Empire. She was on a ship, along with a full security detail, magical...
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    Open The Mercanary Princess

    Im lonely and need a partner. 18+ only. I have a dark fantasy we can do. Pm me is interested
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    Dark fantasy

    Looking to do a dark fantasy rp. My world js set up and everything, and I have an idea for a plot. The rp will be long term, and I should warn anyone interested, that the subject material will be intense. Requirements 18+ You don't need to by multi paragraph. But I do require good grammar If...