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  1. nico

    Open Thirsting for some Vampire rp

    Most of these ideas will have at least one vampire in them, but not all of them. That being said, I have a few concepts, but nothing is fully flushed out. Therefore, if you see any pairing that you like with an uninviting prompt let me know, and we can figure something out that works for both of...
  2. nico

    Resolved/Answered Inactive Roleplay Thread

    Hello. I swore I read a little bit ago about inactive threads being archived or removed, and I have a thread that is no longer is use. Should I contact someone to get it closed or does that not happen anymore?
  3. nico

    Resolved/Answered If Someone Leaves

    Hello, I was wondering what happens when someone posts their departure post. I see that in the menu there is no delete your account option, or at least I cannot find one, so if you wanted your account deleted when you left would you go to an admin or do they get deleted by admins automatically?
  4. nico

    Dear Diary

    Dear Diary.... I survived another day. What trials have you managed to survive today, and how did you survive them? Take note!! Nothing is too small to be written down. Confide in your journal things of importance that you stumble upon or learn on your adventures. Where did you start? Document...
  5. nico

    Her Guardian {Angel} Demon

    Logan pulled herself from bed after another nearly sleepless night. Her cheeks were stained with tears that fell during her nightmares, and her heart was still racing. Her dreams felt too real for even her, and she could no longer rely on them to provide an escape for her after a long day...
  6. nico

    Closed 1/2 Demon x Empath

    Background/Establishing Details: Usually, Guardian Angels were put in charge of empaths, along with other good-natured immortals and gifted individuals. However, he had been pulled from his usual demonic activity into a pact of sorts. This empath was his to watch over, and they never told him...
  7. nico

    Open Resident Evil Rp

    I have two plots, both of which involve Jill Valentine whom I will be acting as. If neither of these plots interest you, but you would be interested in roleplaying in the Resident Evil universe please let me know in replies to this thread. That way we can come up with something together that...
  8. nico

    Open The Final Saviors

    Background: The world as we once knew it was long gone. It had been 8 years since the outbreak had become global, and no one knew how many living people there were left. Most people stopped looking for friends and family, and in the last year or so people had stopped looking even for strangers...
  9. nico

    Most Memorable

    I am curious what is y'alls most memorable roleplay or experience with finding partners. I'm totally down to read the full story if you're willing to share it !! mine- I ran a small apocalypse rp group on the app geeking and the roleplay was so intriguing that I would dream of it, and I spent...
  10. nico

    New User Hiya

    Hello, I'm Nico, short for Nicole. I was looking for a place where I could create stories or roleplay in existing universes without the toxicity I often see on other sites such as aminos. I had finally shaken off the anxiety surrounding amino only to rejoin it and be belittled and manipulated...