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  1. York

    Fanfiction What It Means to Be a Hero

    Authors Note: This is a 'solo' sidestory, detailing Reiner Braun's inner thoughts post the events of House of M. Something like an introspection. I'm not sure if this will have multiple 'entries' or just one, but regardless... There's my summary of what it is. I may make edits and/or updates...
  2. York

    Non-Canon I'm Home

    A 1x1 Slice of Life(ish) Sidestory with @Gummi Bunnies This takes place almost immediately after House of M, serving as both an Epilogue and "addendum" as to the whereabouts and the adventures of Reiner Braun and Kiyohime after Wanda brought them "home". ❝ Where I'm from? Well... we can make...
  3. York

    Increasing Post Output?

    Well, long story short, as you may or may not have seen in my introduction site, my posting rates have really stagnated as of late. It's hard to say if it's a combination between class work, general horrible management of time, and some form of burnout, or just me getting progressively worse...
  4. York

    New User Uh... Hello!

    So, I guess as fate should have it... I have joined StoryTellersCircle! It really is a rare occasion indeed that I would find myself on a brand new RP site, buuut, here I am >.< admittedly my posting rates have fallen a little due to University life geting in the way, but... I hope I'll be able...