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  1. JexMix

    A Brief Cryptic Poem

    The crystals are gone when you look away. So look away; the clock ticks on.
  2. JexMix

    Decay (Possible TW)

    As the days go by I grow weaker and weaker Watching the vines Like beautiful twisting snakes As they wind up my arms and down my legs Binding me to the cool, damp Earth Mildew and rose seeds fill my lungs Leaving me breathless Blood bubbles in my mouth as the roses grow up and out The...
  3. JexMix

    The Handsome Man (TW)

    Have you ever met the handsome man? I have. He shows up when I feel really down Beckoning me to take his hand Join him He promises there will be no more pain No more sadness No more hurt. Those promises are sometimes tempting But I refuse no matter how hard he tries. The world may...
  4. JexMix

    I Am Me

    I Am Me What new labels do I add to my wall As I add new ones every single day? And when I add it, under what section Should I put it, and in what way? Each day we label someone with something new Even though it’s unfair to do Why can’t they see Behind this fake That the real me Is ready to...
  5. JexMix

    Somewhere In Maine, I Suppose?

    Only a few people hung around, talking with friends, stumbling home. Most of the people in the small town were either in bed or partying. Not Quartz, though. Quartz stalked through the streets, the only light around being that of the streetlamps illuminating each corner. She preferred the night...
  6. JexMix

    Here We Are!

    (@Lish ) Quartz had decided to actually GO OUT and try to socialize with people. She walks down the street, her appearance and height earning her odd looks and whispers from other pedestrians. She tries her best to block them out, even though she can hear what they're saying. So she ducks into...
  7. JexMix

    Quartz Crystal

    First Name- Quinn Last Name- Blitzyle Nickname/Alias- Quartz/Quartz Crystal Gender- Female Appearance- A tall (around 6'6" or 198cm), slender, pale humanoid. Hands are normal except the fingertips end in metal claws instead of nails. She always wears a long-sleeved black shirt, ripped-up...
  8. JexMix

    An OC

    So, this is my OC, Ophelia. She took a lot of time to draw, and I'm really happy with the way she came out! She's my DnD character, and she's a Daemon. (Basically a tiefling but doesn't die unless killed. Aka she can't die of old age or natural causes.)
  9. JexMix

    Resolved/Answered How To Upload an Avatar

    Hey, so I'm new to the site and I was wondering how to upload an avatar!
  10. JexMix

    New User Chex Is Here!

    Hello guys! I'm Jex. I'm new to this site, but I've been roleplaying for years. Here's a bit of basic info about me! Name: Jex Gender: Nonbinary Pronouns: They/Them & He/Him Birthday: May 26th I'm an advanced/literate roleplayer, usually spanning 1-3 paragraphs. However, if there isn't much...