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  1. Lil Proton

    Interest Check Fighting the Shadow Monsters (Table Top)

    So. We have a very simple world full of adventure and mystery. A gang of 4 players must travel through the land of Puise. Fighting evil Shadow Monsters while trying to find the source for such dark magic. They would be from different nations and cultures but forced to work together in order to...
  2. Lil Proton

    Pirate Role Play, |reserved|

    South-East Region within Teixian Region. Monday, 1 pm. aboard Teixian Naval Amanda Moonfall was in her own jail cell, is one of the very few females in prison. The Teixian navy had some decency and didn't believe in mixing men with women in the prison cells. She frowned slightly and looked...
  3. Lil Proton

    Pirate Role Play, |looking for 2-5 players| Fantasy Genre.

    Rated T for Teen. Violence and mature themes World: In a world with magic and kingdoms, pretty princesses and dragons, PIRATES rules the seas. Pirates are the chaotic neutral of the world and have no true alliance with anyone. They generally do whatever they want, they'll rub a colony of their...
  4. Lil Proton

    Omnipotence Paradox Problem

    So, if God is Omnipotent. And Omnipotent often means 'the ability to to do all that is logically possible' then lets see him do the following challenges. Make a finite Rock Lift a finite Rock Make a finite rock too heavy for the maker (Being God) is unable to lift it. This is the paradox of...
  5. Lil Proton

    Grand Elite

    Name: Az'ogh Thrawn Gender: male Elite Class: Field Marshal Personality: Az'ogh enjoys learning more then anything else, especially in the field of history, literature, art any philosophy. He especially take pleasure in learning about various cultures and history of different species, taking...
  6. Lil Proton

    Silvan Odion Sultan

    ODST Template Name: Silvan Odion Sultan Gender: male Age: 22 Personality: Silvan is a mostly silent individual who prefers to observe rather then intervene. He usually attempts to think through situations, and come up with the most efficient solutions to various problems. He does...
  7. Lil Proton

    The Goddess' Staff.

    Role Play Idea: In this works, there's aliens and devices of great power. Entities that are marked off as legends and weapons that can destroy planets. One such a special device is the Goddess' Staff, or Proton's Staff. No one is really sure how exactly it works but those who are after it...
  8. Lil Proton

    Is Democracy Actually Good?

    Le person: What!? Is democracy actually good? Is that a question? Of course it is, you moron. How can you even question that, you nazi? Me: Alright, hold on, Let me explain mate. Democracy only works in an education population, (particularly educated in politics, economics and other relevant...
  9. Lil Proton

    New User Hello Guv-ner, I'm Proton.

    Good morning, or good evening. My name is Liàng (Quantum) Proton, but you can just call me Proton, or Quantum or anything you prefer for that matter, I'm not going to judge. I'm not going to lie, I really don't know what I'm supposed to say, so I'll just lay out the basic points. I write...