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  1. Mistress of Anarchy

    Roleplay request

    Does anyone want to roleplay with me? I can do either one of my characters, but I prefer to use Sam. DM me if you have a request and we can get into it.
  2. Mistress of Anarchy

    Sam Character thingymadoober

    Name -Samantha Grace Park Appearance - Look at the picture Passive Ability(s) - intelligence, can identify most kinds of technology, protection from fatal injury from her draconic bloodline. Active Ability(s) - can fly using her mechanical wings, can turn into a serpentine dragon (imaging...
  3. Mistress of Anarchy

    Mistress of Anarchy character thingymadoober

    Name - Mistress of Anarchy, alias, Amy Joel Adams Appearance - In normal form, how you see it in the picture, human form, same, just without the hooves, wings and such. Passive Ability(s) - flight, in her normal form. Active Ability(s) - control of chaotic elements, (all but earth), demonic...
  4. Mistress of Anarchy

    Open I need a rp friend

    I need a friend who I can roleplay with. I usually do para roleplays. We can decide on a story together.
  5. Mistress of Anarchy

    I need a friend.

    Can someone 1x1 with me?
  6. Mistress of Anarchy

    Resolved/Answered I have a question

    How long will it take for me to be approved?
  7. Mistress of Anarchy

    New User Hey guys!

    Here are some of my characters! Sam: a 25(ish) woman who is a clinical psychologist for a living. She is really good at using and making technology. This character is good for sci-fi and fantasy roleplays. Mistress of Anarchy: the literal embodiment of chaos. She can control the chaotic forces...