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  1. Big Brother

    Interest Check Ad Astra, a mixed genre sandbox NRP Universe

    Before I put all the time and effort into making a new epic roleplay, I wanted to put some feelers out for a large scale Sandbox Nation style roleplay that would encompass multiple genres, from fantasy kingdoms, to interstellar Empires. I'd be interested in brainstorming ideas to see if this is...
  2. Big Brother

    Taiyou Workshop Thread

    Taiyō 太陽の帝国 The Taiyou Empire is an old, but relatively isolated nation on the eastern side of the Shintenchi Island. Formerly the capital of a global Empire, the Taiyou Remnant are a shell of their former glory, with rugged landmasses dotted by vast, overpopulated, and decadent cities where...
  3. Big Brother

    The Scylla, and her crew.

    The Scylla - Reverence S Class stealth Corvette Built to custom specifications by a collaboration between Tech Con Group, and Aerospace Dynamics, the Scylla is a unique Reverence S Class stealth corvette is designed for long range reconnaissance, and patrol. Sporting the most sophisticated...
  4. Big Brother

    The Taiyou Empire of Greater Niihama

    Import in progress "For the glory of our Empire!" --- Official Name: The Taiyou Empire of Greater Niihama (Dai Niihama no taiyou teikoku ) Other Name(s): The Taiyou, The Taiyou Empire, Taiyou Informal Name(s): Taiyou Empire, Niihama. Official Languages: Taiyou (Direct derivation from...
  5. Big Brother


    unfortunately due to some unfortunate events I have to make my departure from stc. I'm going to be asking that all of my content be archived or removed, I simply do not have time to keep up with this site.
  6. Big Brother

    The United Aschen Empire - A Chronicles of the Omniverse Setting

    The United Aschen Empire. http://imperialaschendatalink.weebly.com/ Welcome to the Empire, the beacon of civilization within the Onyx Galaxy, where the people live in luxury, poverty has been abolished, and the people live in perpetual happiness. Citizens of the Empire enjoy protection from...
  7. Big Brother

    Barney's Characters

    Citizens of the Aschen Empire
  8. Big Brother

    The United Aschen Empire.

    All Relevant data can be found here.
  9. Big Brother

    Burn it all to the ground.

    Get ready, the Aschen are coming.
  10. Big Brother

    TNG Westeria City: Tech Con Headquarters

    as written by barney_fife As the carnage unfolded outside, Security Chief Henderson, and Security Captain Valaj watched the events unfold on a large holographic map. "All nonessential workers have been evacuated to the bunkers, so far damage is minimal and our Air Corps is keeping the thing...
  11. Big Brother

    Shintenchi Shogunate Narita

    as written by barney_fife, Script, and Tiko It was midday in the Sato shogunate palace, with the emergency session underway, it was fairly apparent what was to be discussed. With the earthquake and subsequent meltdown of the ShinTen electric power company's New Port reactor, and the drought in...
  12. Big Brother

    Aschen Caprica City: Imperial Aschen Ministry of Defence

    as written by barney_fife The Office of Minister of Defense; Helene Chaska Caprica City Following the phone calls between the Ministry and Admiral Grayson, and Chaska and Ambassador Dreylock, Chaska now had to deliberate on exactly how to proceed regarding the situation with Tech Con in...
  13. Big Brother

    Aschen Imperial Military Processing Facility

    as written by barney_fife It was a dark, and rainy night for the new recruits at the Imperial military processing center. The starships had landed in the recruits were told to disembark, immediately greeted by screening drill sergeants as they were all corralled into Single file lines, along...
  14. Big Brother

    Aschen Luminere: Tech Con Headquarters

    as written by Ronin Dominic Hagan was tired. He sat at his desk in the Tech Con HQ Main Office, pouring over files and reports. The Westeria incident, coupled with his failed business expedition into the Shade Dominion, had left him with no small amount work and clean-up projects. Toss in...
  15. Big Brother

    Aschen Tal'dor

    as written by Deso Orion walked into the bus from the spaceport and looked around for a empty seat. He breathed heavily as he quite nervous about what he was getting into with this Military thing. No time to turn back now as made a hefty promise to his family that he would make something of...
  16. Big Brother

    Aschen Aschen Sector

    as written by barney_fife Somewhere on the fringes of Aschen Space... Reverence II Devotion Weapons Range E-7; Magna Thraecia System. The Magna Thraecia system was a small star system of planets on the fringes of claimed Imperial Aschen space. With a relatively young sun, twelve planets...
  17. Big Brother

    Aschen Caprica City

    as written by barney_fife The Quorum Building Caprica City Mollem was standing in a large central dais, surrounded by hundreds of quorum delegates. They were murmuring to themselves, grumbling and muttering. The noise however was silenced as Mollem spoke answering the Speaker's question...
  18. Big Brother

    Aschen Caprica City: Imperial Palace

    as written by Ottoman With little to indicate the overwhelming power that waited just beyond the boundaries of this realm, a single Raubtier class destroyer jumped above Caprica, hanging in orbit above the Aschen capital. The black spearhead remained seemingly motionless for some time before...
  19. Big Brother

    Aschen Langara

    as written by barney_fife Somewhere outside Tawa, Sagittaron The last known address of Claire Angelique, was where the IIA was going to try and reach her. Inside the house the phone rang, and rang, and rang, the IIA was attempting to reach her, as new orders had come down the pipeline, they...