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  1. NobodyCahn

    New User Hi, My name is non-descriptive person

    Coolio! Thanks for the heads up!
  2. NobodyCahn

    How did you find the storyteller circle ?

    Well, I was truly looking for someone who could at least attempt at roleplaying a slice of life roleplay on Amino but I had no luck so I looked for another popular roleplaying platform and I ended up here and now I don't want to look at Amino.
  3. NobodyCahn

    What do you start with when creating a character?

    I tend to go for the overall feel of the character. Then I find little nuggets and small things that people can look up and draw lines to because I like doing it as well(name alternate meanings, color scheme meanings, what their favorite color says about them). Then I proceed with building them...
  4. NobodyCahn

    What do you want to avoid during a RP?

    I despise doing a slice of life roleplay and they try to turn it into a forced romance RP, without alerting their partner(s). Not to mention it makes things annoying, dry, and very much awkward as well as throws us all off. Also, people who want the roleplay to go specifically their way, even to...
  5. NobodyCahn

    Music Share: What's Playing?

    Unable to stop singing these/ Can't get them out my head please help. Video Killed The Radio Star · The Buggles Aaron Burr, Sir * Lin-Manuel Miranda This is September
  6. NobodyCahn

    New User Hi, My name is non-descriptive person

    As of lately, my friend has dragged me into the hole of Fire Emblem thanks to showing me her various hours of work in-game. As far as my personal playing games, I've been stuck in Food Fantasy as well as just starting out diving into My Friend Pedro. RIP Marco, he will be missed. Ah, False...