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  1. Alleluia

    How did you get to your username?

    Mine is the name of one of the characters in a series of books I read years ago called The Sameria Series, by Sharon Shinn.
  2. Alleluia

    Kiss, hug, push or stab the avatar above

    Hug, you always hug Snufkin. (I used to call my brother that when he was a teenager. He hated it)
  3. Alleluia

    RPing/Writing Tropes

    I love the 'big tough guy is super good with kids' trope
  4. Alleluia

    Tell me 5 things about you.

    1. Green eyes 2. Absurdly good at recognizing D-list actors making a guest appearance on shows 3. Needs to buy new socks 4. Never had a pet 5. Can't cook, so married someone who can (that wasn't the official reason, but you know...)
  5. Alleluia

    New User New arrival

    Will do, thank you!
  6. Alleluia

    What Month Were You Born?

    June child