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  1. CheshireMitsu

    Open Plenty of roleplay ideas! (mostly mxm/romance)

    Hello! I have an addiction of making a bunch of male characters for MxM romances (but also a few MxF) romances, so I'm looking for some roleplays to use them in! I'm not going to say anything about mu characters here, since other people tend to choose the same characters (aka only one of...
  2. CheshireMitsu

    Boris Airay

    Name - Boris Airay Passive Ability(s) - Fast, flexible, good balance Active Ability(s) - He can open one door and it can bring him anywhere else he wants Cheeseburger - GET DAT TOMATO OUTTA HERE SMAKK Equipment - He has a pink pistol on a chain attached to his boa (the big fluff) and stores a...
  3. CheshireMitsu

    Alice in Wanderland-- IC

    CS: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/alice-in-wanderland-character-sheet.9140/ Interest check: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/alice-in-wanderland-a-darker-alice-in-wonderland-roleplay.9139/ Lore: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/alice-in-wanderland-lore.9142/ OOC...
  4. CheshireMitsu

    Alice in Wanderland-- Lore

    Interest check: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/alice-in-wanderland-a-darker-alice-in-wonderland-roleplay.9139/ OOC: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/alice-in-wanderland-ooc-chat.9141/ CS: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/alice-in-wanderland-character-sheet.9140/...
  5. CheshireMitsu

    Alice in Wanderland OOC Chat

    Interest check: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/alice-in-wanderland-a-darker-alice-in-wonderland-roleplay.9139/ IC: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/alice-in-wanderland-ic.9143/ Lore: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/alice-in-wanderland-lore.9142/ CS...
  6. CheshireMitsu

    Alice in Wanderland Character Sheet

    Interest check: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/alice-in-wanderland-a-darker-alice-in-wonderland-roleplay.9139/#post-173585 OOC: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/alice-in-wanderland-ooc-chat.9141/ Lore...
  7. CheshireMitsu

    Open Alice in Wanderland-- a darker Alice in Wonderland roleplay

    CS: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/alice-in-wanderland-character-sheet.9140/ OOC: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/alice-in-wanderland-ooc-chat.9141/ Lore: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/alice-in-wanderland-lore.9142/ IC...
  8. CheshireMitsu

    now to doomp my art

    i have a lot of art so ill just post some of my favorites ✨ SKETCHES ✨ Raito or Laito fromDiabolikk Lovers, i always fall for dem flirty vamps Raito-Laito again, this is a part i traced and recolored from ep 1 of the anime (another trace/recolor) Boris from an Alice in Wonderland game, i...
  9. CheshireMitsu

    New User eh hi

    i dont know how to make an intro post, hi, call me Mitsu, i new here (obviously) i like all fantasy roleplays, usually with some romance (ill admit now; im a big bl fan) but i also like drawing and watching anime. i stopped rolelplaying for a while because of some bad ones (aka being raped in 2...