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  1. OmegaOS

    The Throne's Wish OOC

    OmegaOS Online. . . Activating Out-Of-Character Module. . . The Throne's Wish Out-Of-Character Module Interest Check~ The Throne's Wish Interest Check Character Sheet~ To Be Created Soon IC~ To Be Created
  2. OmegaOS

    I like Flags- A lot

    I love designing flags. I use a very simple software called FlagMaker, very original I know, but I've consistently used it for 3 years that I've gotten a little too comfortable with it. Here are some of my favourites.
  3. OmegaOS

    Interest Check [Dark Fantasy] Interest Check for "The Throne's Wish"

    OmegaOS Online. . . Engaging Information Phase. . . The Throne's Wish The Ember Throne flickered to the fatal fear of many for the flame kept within shivered to the frosted winds beckoning the flame to be rested and snuffed from existence. The world of Stryya is a dying world thrown off from...
  4. OmegaOS

    He is There for Me [Tanka Poem]

    The hot wind from afar Sings and laughs for the willow Gently sweating leaves I watched how he sat down there Under the willow for me. Raindrops fall till dawn Scattering the world’s colours To cleanse the bleak streets He opened his umbrella And smiled at me with hope. Snowflakes danced in...
  5. OmegaOS

    New User Engaging Introduction Phase

    OmegaOS Online. . . Engaging Introduction Phase. . . Salutations! My name is Omega, age 19 male and I have the big GAY!! Aha, I've been a role-player for 6 years but a writer for even longer! It's a pleasure to meet you all! I dream of becoming an English teacher, but as for now, I'm just an...