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  1. Ciera


    I was wondering if anyone was looking to Role Play, I am up for anything just gimme what you got.
  2. Ciera


    So, I have posted a story asking if you thought I was good at writing at or not. One person posted a comment that I thought was completely true. They said they think I am a very good writer I just tend to be very descriptive and then all of a sudden skip/ go right into something and don't...
  3. Ciera

    Anyone want to do a 1x1 role play?

    Hello, I just really wanted to do a 1x1 role play, we can role play what ever. I did have one role play in mind, but if you also had any in mind just comment it or PM me. The role play I had in mind was where one of us was a demon, come up to the human world to kill humans, collect souls, and...
  4. Ciera

    Are you new here?

    It just seems to me that a lot of people on here are new, so I wanted to see how many exactly were.
  5. Ciera

    New User This just says about me, and what I like to rp

    Hello! I am Ciera as you can tell from my profile. I am a very happy person and I love to help others! If you ever have any problems or anything that you just want to let off your chest you can tell me, I can help you through it, or just listen and help. I won't tell anyone! If you would ever...