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  1. 61 Argent Feathers Seal Evil

    Returning User Hello.

    I joined this site a few years ago and kind of just stopped using it after a while. So, um. Hi? How's everything been?
  2. 61 Argent Feathers Seal Evil

    [Horror, Modern] (Setup and Player Finder) Apartment Shenanigans

    First off, I haven't run a roleplay before; I'll try my best, but this will probably be quite messy. I'm looking for 3-6 players. I want to try linking the story to the characters, so if you're interested in joining, please tell me about a character you'd like to play. I'll probably need to ask...
  3. 61 Argent Feathers Seal Evil

    New User Introductions

    Hello. Cue mandatory introduction. Not entirely sure what you'll find relevant, so I'll just say a few things related to the site. I've never really roleplayed before, though I've read a bit about it. Mostly I have experience with Fantasy and History, but I've read a little about Science...