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  1. KittyWolfSpirit

    Just some poetry I wrote

    See Me Copyright Protected & Written by By Rebbeca Sumner (Abernathy) A.K.A KittyWolfSpirit Written & Copyright Protected on 11-28-2021 @ 12:30pm Want to scream, Want to bleed, Feel invisible, Fill the need. No one sees, No one hears, Reliving fears, Releasing tears. I want to reach...
  2. KittyWolfSpirit

    Food for thought

    Using 100 words or less, describe a food item (fruit, vegetable, pasta type, meat, etc) without calling it by any known names, folk names included. No full meals, you are describing one ingredient/food. Describe this food in such detail that it defines the item for the reader. Your goal is to...
  3. KittyWolfSpirit

    Returning User Stopping in

    So, I'm a player that tends to pop in and out. Been friends with the admins for some time. And as of Halloween, I officially married and took Lobos' irl last name. I want to jump back in here but no clue where to start off or if I'll have time with world building a D&D campaign.
  4. KittyWolfSpirit

    New User Existing

    Hey everyone, I swear this is an annoying pattern for me. I jump in, say I'll be more active then I'm mia. Then I come back and repeat. Sighs, hopefully, no promises, that I can be at least a lil active on here. I could use it. Lol
  5. KittyWolfSpirit

    Returning User RPing in my free time

    I miss RP, but Lobos & My life has held many chaotic forces unraveling around & within us. I work part-time plus am full-time in College for IT, taking 4 classes plus 2 mandatory lab classes for a total of 6 classes. I would like to RP again, I always enjoyed playing our my characters, but i...
  6. KittyWolfSpirit

    New User Hiatus and Hope

    So, as everyone who knows me knows, I tend to disappear often without a word. I just get wrapped in irl stuff and unfortunately, the things I enjoy gets pushed to the back burner in favor of irl must do's that unfortunately don't leave much room for pleasure. In January, I decided to get out of...
  7. KittyWolfSpirit

    Returning User Kitty's Return to her Scratching Post

    Hi everyone...I have been really inactive, kind of pop in and out type of thing for a very long time due to several personal situations. But I am back now, I am trying to get more active. Although juggling one part to full-time job and one weekend job, on top of on weekends remodeling an...
  8. KittyWolfSpirit

    Kitty's Scratching Post (Bring the catnip & mouse toys!)

    So this starts my collection of beloved Characters I am bringing to life. Though she was not my first ever to rp, she is being put first in this list since I have been using her most lately. Name: Lady Talyria Rei Katsumi (pronounced Tall-ree-uh Ray Cat-sew-me) Race: Cravyre (pronounced...
  9. KittyWolfSpirit

    Hello, Nice to meet everyone!

    Well, I am not sure honestly what to say, so here it goes. I have been rping for more than a decade now, including having been a member of Roleplay Gateway (introduced by Lobos) & went over to RPG Chat (now called RP-Society) & now here. I started rping when I was either 14 or 15, now I am 28 &...