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  1. AmatsuOtaku

    Open Any Crona fans? Soul Eater AU (canon x OC)

    Looking for another Crona fan to do a short-term Soul Eater AU! I'm an avid roleplayer who's been on the fandom rp scene for years. Personal matters make it difficult to rp sometimes, but I always do my best to carry on. I fell in love with Crona when I first watched Soul Eater, so I hope to do...
  2. AmatsuOtaku

    Returning User I'm coming back, y'all!

    Dunno if anyone remembers me from over a year ago when I was last around, but I'm coming back to STC! I've been unable to find rp partners for certain fandoms on other sites and hope to find some here. Missed being here a bunch, and all the late nights I spent roleplaying without end. I hope to...
  3. AmatsuOtaku

    Interest Check Keeper of the lost cities - asking for a friend

    So, I have a sister (who doesn't yet have her own account) who wants to know if there's any KOTLC fans on here who'd be willing to rp with her. I know nothing about the series myself, but she's asked for; No cursing, child friendly Original timeline, not an AU Canon characters and OCs Please...
  4. AmatsuOtaku

    Departing Moving on... to another site

    tl;dr: I am moving to another rp site that better caters to my interests as an intellectually gifted high schooler. I haven't been on this site for a very long time, and have few partners/friends here, but I believe it's only fair to them to formally say goodbye before I disappear. I am now a...
  5. AmatsuOtaku

    Interest Check Rise Up Nation! A dystopian sci-fi lover's dream world

    Do stories of war or international conflict grab your attention? Are you longing for tales of rebellion against a corrupt authority? Can you easily picture a run-down cityscape that is the ruins of a once-great civilization? If you answered yes to all three of those, this is the world for you...
  6. AmatsuOtaku

    Open An OC I'm dying to use, looking for partners! (Mature/Dark themes)

    This was created for RPN but I thought I'd see if I can find partners here, too. I have an oc I'd love to use with virtually any story or pairing. If you have any character you think could fit into this story, or if you have another story that could easily collide with this one, HMU! Edit...
  7. AmatsuOtaku

    The University of Curiosities

    All manner of magical beings have been present in the shadows of human life for centuries. They had hoped to live collaboratively with the humans, to fit in, but it would seem that was not the case. Humans feared these powerful beings, often calling them 'dangerous' or 'unnatural'. Nowadays...
  8. AmatsuOtaku

    LGBTQ+ rights matter! What's your story?

    So with all the insanity and the protests etc that're going on right now, we might as well discuss what is (in my opinion) one of the biggest issues with society. While some people are willing to accept others for who they are, some people are still homophobic, transphobic, or just straight up...
  9. AmatsuOtaku

    Is anyone else (emotionally) struggling right now?

    This is kind of just going to be my vent thread because there's some stuff I need to tell SOMEBODY but my own family won't even freaking listen and I have very few irl friends.
  10. AmatsuOtaku

    Soul Eater AU with @Defect (1x1)

    I literally have like 5 of these rps, just ignore the other ones lol some of them are dead anyway. Setting: A normal morning at the DWMA. For time reference, Crona has recently enrolled, but we won't be following the canon timeline because ain't nobody got time for that. ~Rp start!~ "Listen...
  11. AmatsuOtaku

    Multilinguals, what do you say differently now that you speak multiple languages?

    Thread title says it all. Sometimes we pick up on speech mannerisms or accents that people around us just don't understand. I primarily speak English but I'm learning Japanese and have some very different ways of speaking now. These first few posts are copied over from another thread.
  12. AmatsuOtaku

    Another Soul Eater character thread because I screwed up the last one xD

    The title says it all. I'm putting my (slightly edited) Soul Eater oc(s) here because the last thread is just a mess at this point.
  13. AmatsuOtaku

    What's the best roast/comeback/rap battle you've ever done?

    I know not a lot of people randomly get into rap battles, but there's a few of us who will start spitting rhymes whenever we hear a beat drop so why not? What's the best comeback, insult, or response to a rap battle you've ever come up with? I'll go first, but in the next post because it is...
  14. AmatsuOtaku

    Soul Eater Fanart

    I just finished my first attempt at doing digital fanart and it's not half bad. Here I'll put the random fanart I'll inevitably be making in the future. Anyone else can feel free to post their Soul Eater fanart on here as well. Here it is;
  15. AmatsuOtaku

    Soul Eater open-world rp (1x1)

    Idk how many of these I've done, this one is with @ODSTDRAGON Setting: Crona recently enrolled in the DWMA, for time reference. A friday afternoon, right after class has ended with the teacher announcing there will be a new student joining them the next week. An unfamiliar person (the new...
  16. AmatsuOtaku

    Another Soul Eater rp (open-world) (1x1)

    Here is where the 1x1 rp with @Lila Renn will take place. It is an open-world AU that doesn't have to follow the canon story or timeline. For time reference, Crona has recently enrolled in the DWMA. The next post will be the setting and beginning of the rp.
  17. AmatsuOtaku

    Open Anyone for a Soul Eater rp? I'm going insane with boredom!!

    I've already started a few of these 1x1 rps but they're all different and I want to fill up my excessive amounts of free time with some rps. Anyone up for a Soul Eater open-world rp? I have an oc I'm using as my main character, but I will take on more roles depending on who you want to play. I'd...
  18. AmatsuOtaku

    Resolved/Answered Is there a rule against bad language in rps?

    I did read the site rules and guidelines but as far as I've noticed there's nothing about profanity in rps. Is it okay to have some cursing in rps? This might seem like a silly question but I have a character who tends to get angry a lot. We do intend to keep the rp mostly clean otherwise, and...
  19. AmatsuOtaku

    Amatsu's Poetry - Dramatic, Vivid, and Philosophical

    Here I'll post some poems I wrote because I have nowhere else to share them. Some are short and some are long. Some are dramatic and others are cute and lighthearted. I write for a wide range of genres and moods, but my style should be recognizable in some of my more serious poems. Disclaimer...
  20. AmatsuOtaku

    What characters are you obsessing over?

    I recently started watching Soul Eater and Crona... Crona is so precious. Is there any other Crona fans here?