1x1 rp

  1. Capri

    A Wholesome Olihiki RP

    @mintyy Kazehiki‘s hands glide over his rosary beads as he prays. He does this every morning, but today he’s also praying for a special reason. Kaze has a new neighbor! From what he’s heard, it’s a kid who’s around his age, and nobody he talks to is his age. Finishing his prayers, the boy...
  2. Alex Azure

    Non-Canon Dream Drop Divergence

    Arendelle A cold nation in the winter that learned to create warmth in its hearts. A strong winter froze the lakes and rivers, bringing Arendelle a fresh supply of their greatest export: Ice. Winter also brought with it joy for all the childeen and sentient snowmen abound. The kingdom was...
  3. Alex Azure

    Non-Canon Serendipity

    Alex Azure and Lucky present... Mason's Misadventures: Serendipity Mason's Prologue: A Next Door Neighbor, A Chance at a Labor The multiverse is a frightening place if one doesn't know where they are or where they're going. Up and down, near and far, and time itself have little meaning in...
  4. Steely

    Partner Search!

    Hi there! On this thread, I'm making a little search for partners for some 1x1 roleplays. I don't exactly have a ton of rules to follow, aside from being civil, having a decent grasp of the English language, and of course, effort! Post lengths may vary with the scenes, as some are simply...