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  1. BrookeDi

    Ch. 1: Altsoba School of Sorcery

    Petra Kraus: Petra stood in line, shopping list in one hand and her wand in the other. She was excited to go back to school, excited to see her friends again, and honestly just relieved to be leaving home. Her mother, shoulders tense, stood beside the young blonde. She was brooding, as usual...
  2. BrookeDi

    Altsoba School of Sorcery - OOC

    Welcome to your junior year at Altsoba School of Sorcery! I'll be posting some information throughout the day that you should look over. Some of it is things your character might know. Some of it are things that your character will definitely know, and some information is just for your...
  3. BrookeDi

    Magic, Chaos, War~ [Interest Check]

    Hi, it's me, Brooke! @Ailis and I are starting up an old RP of ours. Post a CS, if you're interested! The Lore Magic has always existed, but it has always remained just beneath the surface of society. Religion and people refusing to accept that which was different from them prevented people...
  4. BrookeDi

    Vitam et Mortem - Epic Recruitment

    Calling one, calling some! Previously I posted up this interest check about a school for students of magical abilities. Since then it has grown to something much larger than just a school hidden in a mountain in Canada, expanding to include multiple related settings (and still growing--more...
  5. BrookeDi

    Origins: Witches & Hunters of Ancient Greece

    Thousands of years ago, it began; no one knows how it started, just that one day there were people, people with certain abilities who quickly rose above the rest. They weren't gods, but many believed that they were the product of a human procreating with a god: Demigods. They had many things in...
  6. BrookeDi

    IC - Altsoba School of Sorcery

    The Gift Ceremony is one of the most important days in any wizard’s life. Generally by that time they already are aware what their gift is, but this is a formal declaration of what their magic is going to be dedicated to for the rest of their life. Taking place in the second week of school, the...
  7. BrookeDi

    Altsoba OOC

    Questions, comments, concerns, etc. Please post here. Any updates will likely be posted here. To keep things moving and to avoid dying out because we're waiting on one person to post, we've implemented a 10 Day rule. We understand that things happen and that life gets in the way and that RP is...
  8. BrookeDi

    A Pirate's Life OOC

    So, we ran out of room to invite everyone over to an OOC conversation rather than taking up alerts. So, making a thread, just in case.