1. pandakatiefominz

    Open Highly Specific Found Family Plot!

    This is a plot I have been wanting to write for absolutely ages but I've never made an interest check for it, because it is SO specific, I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in it. But, you know what? I've been going through a lot lately, I've very depressed, and my grandfather recently...
  2. pandakatiefominz

    Interest Check Welcome to Versailles

    I visited Versailles last week, and beyond how beautiful (and emotionally complicated) the chateau and the gardens were, I was struck by how fun it would be to do a RP set there (or set in a Versailles-inspired palace so we don't have to worry about historical accuracy). If you've ever seen the...
  3. pandakatiefominz

    Open It's a Group Hang, a Group Hang

    Greetings, Landstrider! I want to to a slice of life story, but I find slice of life extremely difficult to begin and keep moving if it's more than a single scene, because I don't know about you, in real life if I meet somebody and talk to them at a coffee shop or out on the street, I never...
  4. Vardoger

    Eidolon [Personal OC Gallery]

    Welcome to my character gallery. The actual one has become a pain to update, so I've moved it to this thread. Enjoy.~ Jump to: 1. Zahir Keen - A Ferift (animal/human shifter) Maned Wolf who wishes he were human. 2. Jiden Sparx - An Electrical Engineer claiming to be an inventor who just...
  5. SacredWarrior

    The Shadow Remains Cast!

    Hello my fellow Story Tellers! I'm looking for some roleplay partners and hopefully I'll make some new friends on the process! But first here are my guidelines: Limits: I'm 22 so mature content is a must! That means I'll only accept partners who are over 18. But I do have some limits. They are...
  6. Ver

    Fanfiction The Law of Shiki Tohno

    The fifth chapter in The Life of Shiki Tohno, written out originally in a 1x1 fashion. Things could change so fast, faster than most people could realize what they had missed. Even if he had perhaps tried his best to maintain a normal life, a normal life that he had very well earned after...
  7. Ver

    Fanfiction The Life of Shiki Tohno

    The Life of Shiki Tohno Premise Just a short while ago, Shiki Tohno was only a normal boy with just a quirk or two about him. If not for the vampires and demons that had abruptly entered his life at the age of 17, then it could be said that it was the Murder Games that had changed his life...