1. Sark

    Side Story Champions of the Arena II: The Hunt

    Champions of the Arena II: The Hunt It's all inside your head... Welcome to the mindscape... You wake up somewhere dark. You're alone. It's... quiet. Cheering breaks the silence. Cheering. Jeering. Chanting. It's hard to pick up specific phrases. "Arcade is dead! Long live Arcade!"...
  2. Loxius

    The Grand Tournament of Asanora

    Asanora is a planet in the outer reaches of the universe. Here they live off scraps of whatever they can find. Most people earn their money by selling fighters to the Grand Tournament which is held monthly. The winner gets to go free. Fighters will be set against each other to compete to KO or...
  3. Drakel

    Enchanted Dragon's Dojo (Combat focused Chat RP)

    Some time ago I used to moderate a chatroom called "The Master's Dojo" on another site. The main theme of it was solely combat related with maybe some extra RP activities. Everyone fought one another and everyone of any caliber of power was allowed to join and fight, sometimes losing, sometimes...