1. aronhiet

    Inviting Constructive Criticism of My Art

    Firstly, don’t worry about being brutally honest as I have very thick skin. Secondly, I would rather an honest, “This is horrendous.” Than a false, Ï love it!”. I am not at all trained in drawing or sketching or painting at all. I do believe I have some natural talen for drawing or sketching...
  2. J

    My friend’s art of my NightmareSMP oc

    Read the title
  3. Lyndis

    Art Gulag [ Come get this Commish! ]

    Commissions are OPEN! What's good friends! Setting up a thread for all your character concept and design needs. My favorite thing to do is design characters, so whether you want just a regular piece of art or something highlighting their design, I'm your huckleberry. Pricing Info Price is...
  4. Lazzamore

    Showing off my Sculptures

    Since I plan to get back into sculpting, always a skill I love to hone, I figured I'd post pictures of my creations as I go forward. To start off, I thought I'd show off show you guys my many creations from years back. Group photos, as you'll see I was quite enthusiastic about my 'collection'.
  5. ChojiYume

    Art is a Part of Me.

    Alright so I'll post some pic's that I've got from recently. And may even post a flip through of my sketchbook once I get it on Youtube! Here's a few to get you guys started! Warning: These are not in any specific order!
  6. MJK2431

    Little birdie told me...

    ....that I need to get a little more active again on this site after a week-long hiatus, so here's a Kingfisher bird with some exaggerated colouration.
  7. Drackana Darastrix

    The Random Art Dump

    Just some little art pieces done for my current favorite creature character Rauch, the Smoke Shifter. Ill probably dump some other art of some different things later....
  8. PuddingPalGal

    (some of) My Mediocre Art

    Lookie! Look at my dumb doodles and crap! I'm not the best but I do try my best... *is embarrassed about the crap program I use* Well, take a look and see which picture you sorta like the most. Personally, I think I'm better at traditional... its still bad though.
  9. __Flatline___

    Random Photography

    I am mostly a hobby photographer, but at times I have been asked to do weddings and such. They make me nervous though. Anyway, I love sharing photography and people sharing theirs! So if you have anything, I would love to see it. :> I have probably thousands but I'm just gonna post a few here...
  10. wastep

    Misc. Art ´・ᴗ・`
  11. TuxedoSquid

    New User Greetings from your friendly neighborhood Squid

    Hey there! I'm here trying out RP per the recommendation of @Shadowsong. I've done a bit of tabletop RP before and I'm sort of interested in DMing at some point, but I thought forum RP sounded fun! I like the arts too, so I'll probably be on those threads too. Also, like my buddy @Thelrus, je...
  12. M

    King & Lionheart [Photo]

    "But these problems aside, I think I taught you well." [Hey guys! I'm new here. Just thought I'd share this drawing I did for a close friend of mine of two characters I designed. It was inspire by our close bond and the song: King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men. I do hope you enjoy it...
  13. SakiMcGee

    Art Sock

    Well, since I just joined the site, I figure I better put my best foot forward and show my art~ My style leans toward your typical weeaboo stuff, but I have an alternate style that was actually heavily inspired by the Mystery Skulls Animated series of videos. The other night I finished an...
  14. DoveDragon

    Dove's Art

    I'm going to post my artwork here! What I mainly draw are anthropamorphic animals. I also may do little animations from time to time (I'm still learning!). I also have my art posted on my DeviantArt: Gallery:
  15. whoaeasytiger


    first off, i think it's pretty rad that there is an entire section for art. i'm an art enthusiast and artist myself, but i have issues with actually getting myself to do it. i draw people, and only people and i cry a little inside whenever i'm assigned to draw landscapes or animals. here's an...
  16. Kbeligratis

    KB's art & stuff

    Just a quick 45 minute sketch I made while watching supernatural ;) Lol, it's not bad, but it's not my best either- I might keep working on this, and I'll post an update later if I do
  17. Risha

    Risha's Art /Dump/

    :emoji_hearts: YOUR TYPICAL ART THREAD :emoji_hearts: Trad to Digital May post year-gap re-drawings Original Character/s designs Random sketches *reupload from different social media. ENJOY!
  18. Boky


    Just a quick synopsis. I'm actually a graphic designer. Like, forealsies. Because of this I tend to make random artwork in the office - and/or draw random things on paper in the office and around my home to my roommates. These are said pieces. ❣DIGITAL ART❣ ❣RANDOM DOODLES❣
  19. Daisy

    Daisy's Doodle Space

    Hello! So forewarning you, the only art class I've taken was in middle school and that was a long while ago, so i'm not super crazy about my art or do it often. I do mostly portrait stuff so this thread's just a place for me to plop some of my stuff. ^^ (Charlie Heaton) (Matty Healy) (Evan...