buckets of tears

  1. Lucky

    Side Story Euphoria

    Euphoria- A feeling or state of intense happiness and Excitement. You have died. It doesn't matter how it happen, those details are unimportant. Especially after you see our video. Congrats, you are in the Good Place, and have earned enough points to be here. Welcome to Neighborhood...
  2. Lucky

    Side Story The Only Hopes On Infinite Earths

    Prologue- Does The Story End- There was a red wave that passed through your world and there was absolutely nothing you could do about it. You couldn't stop it, there was no running from it. It engulfed everything that crossed its path. Maybe you got unlucky and saw one of your close friends...
  3. Lucky

    The Only Hopes On Infinite Earths

    Maybe you were at home having a cup of tea when the red wave came. Perhaps you were in the middle of the battle against your big bad, No matter where you were when it happened, you watched as people you were close to were turned into dust, erased. You thought you were next. You were sure that...
  4. Ver

    Main Event Right Hand of the Magic God

    Link to sign-ups. Prologue "What the World Lacks" "So the board is set, and the game has begun. Let us see how these dear humans will contend with someone worthy of the title of a god then." Othinus was ready. As were her dubious allies, Dio Brando and Enrico Pucci. The question was, was...
  5. Neko Shogun

    Lover's Rain

    more coming soon. :)
  6. Monochrome

    The Broken Cage [King Lurk & Monochrome]

    [a one on one featuring @King Lurk and @Monochrome] The Story The once-peaceful kingdom of Albion finds itself in turmoil after the death of its king. With no heir in sight except for the late monarch's beloved daughter, plots begin anew and eyes turn towards claiming the throne, and...
  7. Amaria

    The Peace Busters

    Friendship is the harbinger of happiness, innocence; but the slightest shake, the slightest bruise destroys everything. Only one, one small flicker has the possibility to be the catalyst for disaster to sneak its way in and cripple the delicate threads of bonds. Friendship is fragile, just like...