1. mama scoots

    The Nicholases: But clearer

    I'm making this thread just in case people want a clearer thingy for the Nicholases. I'll be posting each one separately. The original Nicholas Name: Nicholas Age: 16 Gender: Male Pronouns: He/him Sexuality: Pansexual Appearance: He has rather feminine features, like a rather small chin and...
  2. Zangyl

    Zangyl's Character Depository | Database-uplink

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  3. JessieJames

    Shinobi World Character Sheet Template

    Copy the character sheet below and feel it out. One should be fine if they follow the rules listed in this section. If not, your character will be rejected. Your character should NOT be overly powerful. This means that your character will not be a secret sage or extremely powerful shinobi...
  4. Zangyl

    Chronicles of The Omniverse Archived Zangyl's Character Depository | Database-uplink

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  5. eejit

    Ideas and procedure for a monster character?

    I want to design a monster character but i don't know how i'd go about doing it.
  6. Midnight Melody

    Character Personality - when is it too much

    I was sitting here thinking when I suddenly started wondering when people think a character is considered too rude, too childish, too aggressive, too sweet, too energetic and so on and on? when do you think is a character just too much of something?
  7. PuddingPalGal

    My OC babes (will update soon)

    I have over 30 characters and OC's. Sense I'm new to this forum, I'll show the character I'll be roleplaying as on these forums the most! Meet: Aiko the Witch!!! (Sorry for my bad art) Name: Aiko Gender: Female Age: 25 Height: 4 ft - 5in Race: Witch Sexuality: Unknown Personality: Quiet...
  8. The King Of Rats

    Favourite characters to play?

    So I was lying in bed, trying to think of things to post so I could get approved faster and start work on some character sheets and thought "Ah characters!" So what characters do you like to roleplay? I've said in my intro that I like playing child characters and more "evil" characters, like...
  9. Atomic Knight

    Character Rosters

    You are not required to post any characters within this thread and it is not a thread for claiming certain characters. This is only for a player's own personal use as a record for characters they have played in the past and who they may want to play.
  10. Squidward Uchiha

    Assign A Character Theme

    Kind of a random idea, but I think it could be fun regardless. Basically the aim of the game is to pick characters from whatever kind of stuff you like (they can even be your own OCs too!) and then link a song that would perfectly as their character theme along with a brief description of why...
  11. Deroc

    [INFO] Character Sheets

    This is the place where roleplayers of the group post their characters for roleplay. If you have no idea how to make a character sheet for RACC, then kindly refer to the template provided below: Template A (Extracted and heavily edited from the Character Sheet made by TheBoson in DeviantArt.)...
  12. JessieJames

    Atlantis - City of Dreams Ryuna's Characters

    **Lucius (Mephesto) Methuselah** **Age:** 28 **Gender:** Male **Species:** Human **Alignment:** Lawful Evil **Sexual Orientation:** Omnisexual (Honestly practically non-existent.) **Bio:** The son of the now dearly departed Valentina Methuselah, has known much about the island he lived on...
  13. Arx11Comic

    Doom- A story by ArxBLUE (STILL BEING UPDATED)

    Chapter 1 Altair reached the city, fully armored. He passed through the huge gates, immediately met by chaos. People, some not even people, were bustling about. He saw a couple of thieves, tearing up posters. Altair sighed, knowing that he had just met his greatest challenge yet. "Need food...
  14. Courage

    Signs of The Universe Characters

    Welcome! This is the official character sheet and list for the Signs of The Universe RP. If you are unsure what that is, feel free to check out the recruitment/ interest check thread below! I advise going and reading the information there first before filling out this sheet. Back to business...
  15. Astaroth

    Non playable characters CSs

    Here belong the NPCs character sheets. The NPCs will be character controlled by the GM who will fill necessary roles.
  16. Astaroth

    Players CSs

    Here belong the character sheets from those characters who belong to the players, following this guideline: Yours faithfully, Astaroth.
  17. Rooibos

    Bror the minotaur

    I wrote a backstory to a character i was gonna make for a WC3 DnD game and wonder what you guys think Long time ago there lived in a labyrinth a minotaur by the name Bror, he was very short for a beastman but it matters little to the adventurers and virgins who found their way into his home...
  18. Otomos the Crazy

    A Winged Girl's Nightmare: Master Chef!

    McMillan was a man who was proud of many things. Of all his successful robberies. Of all the treasures piled up in his home. Of the first knife he made and kept on his person. Above all else, though, he was proud of his gang. Yes, without them, his robberies wouldn't have been so successful...
  19. ConquerorFox

    Isn't It Grim (Oc Storage)

    Name: Esra T. Jones Age: Twenty One (Looks) IS ...Old. Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Species: Imp Role: Council Occupation: Chairman of the Citizens Bio: Esra grew up as a fairy, no, not the ones with wings of course! In the human world though, her heart grew colder, more...
  20. Marcsun

    Whose Your Favourite Fictional Character?

    Pretty self explanatory, whose your favorite fictional character? whether from a a novel, movie, comic book, cartoon, manga et cetera My favorite is Hannibal "the cannibal" Lecter :p