1. Lucky

    The Hex Breaker

    Don't tick off Adelardus the Great, he's a very powerful sorcerer and curses rotten beings who dare to cross him. Some say that he turns you into horrible animals, some say that he curses you to be a fool, others say he turns you into an older version of you, but of course, you never know you...
  2. Raynar Saassin

    Non-Canon Neptunia's Vocaloid Surprise

    "Oh my god! 5pb. is hosting another concert!" "We gotta go see it!" "Come on, let's go already! Stop holding me back!" "5pb is my waifu!!" "Hey, stop cutting in line!" "I gotta see her!" Came from the screams of many adoring fans as the idol known as 5pb. from Gamindustri was to perform her...
  3. Vardoger

    Eidolon [Personal OC Gallery]

    Welcome to my character gallery. The actual one has become a pain to update, so I've moved it to this thread. Enjoy.~ Jump to: 1. Zahir Keen - A Ferift (animal/human shifter) Maned Wolf who wishes he were human. 2. Jiden Sparx - An Electrical Engineer claiming to be an inventor who just...
  4. Raptor Jesus

    Non-Canon A Little Mixup

    He didn’t know where he was. The last thing the young Koopa prince remembered was fighting alongside his dad in Corona Mountain. But then, that Gon kid beat him up, but hopefully has papa showed thise bullies who’s boss! As he woke up, however, he could tell that he wasn’t in Corona Mountain...
  5. Gummi Bunnies

    Non-Canon Wonderfully Sweet Nothings [Valentines Special]

    -Prologue- Very Intricate Preparations However you may have gotten here, whether it be from your own method of transportation or simply arriving here through an accommodated shuttle ride as provided on the special invitation, an elegant entrance hall greeted you upon entering the chocolate...
  6. Raynar Saassin

    1x1 Pathway to Perfection

    A few hours after the Cell Games HFIL - "Home for Infinite Losers" Perfect Cell It has been a few hours since Cell's defeat at the hands of Gohan at the Cell Games. As is customary of all villains, these were tossed into cells where they were kept for all eternity under watch. Cell was...
  7. Okami

    Just an Average Day on the Rendezvous

    It was cold, so very cold when you awoke. It took you a moment to acclimate yourself to your surroundings, but your memories quickly flooded back to you, your mind suddenly remembering why you were in such a tiny and cold pod. You were in space, light years away from your homeplanet, on a Seed...
  8. Opheliabee

    Gods of Green: Soils of Earth

    When the grocery store burned down, a group of outcasts known as the Vegetables survived. They created a society. The people worshiped them. Things were great, until one day a hunk of meat walked into town. It's bloody flesh left a trail on the street. "You are doomed, you are all doomed!" It...
  9. P

    In Love..

    I love you....she said in between breaths as their lips met. She couldn't believe she was finally getting to see him after so long, the waiting and anticipation was practically killing her. His arms enveloped her into the biggest hug, being 5'9 he made her look like a small teddy bear, she was...
  10. Amaria

    Twisted Kingdom

    Amaria proudly presents: 【Twisted Kingdom】 Everything we think is normal will never be normal here. Welcome to the kingdom without sanity The Kingdom of Roelian ♕ ▁ ▁ ▁ ♕ Welcome to our Kingdom! Our kingdom isn't like any other normal Kingdom out there. Our kingdom is filled with things...
  11. Princess Jade

    Puns! Puns! MORE PUNS!!!

    Hello people out there! I want to know you're best (and your worst) puns you got. Cause lets face it puns is what makes the world go round. Nothing will make you hate somebody but at the same time smile than a pun. So c'mon show me what you got. Let's see how punny you really are.
  12. Lazzamore

    The Improv Circle (IC)

    Ladies and Germs! The IMPROV CIRCLE!! *Cheers* Lazzamore enters the room. out of the corner of his eye he notices a water cooler and cups. Casually he took a drink. The fluorescent lights flickered, Announcing to him that he was wasting time. He always wasted time. He did not want to get to...
  13. Lazzamore

    Improv Circle OOC

    A stray idea I had that I just couldn't keep in its pen. Those happen to me occasionally. I thought to myself; It's comedic in nature, so it's not the end of the world if it dies post 1. Anyways: The Gist We are playing Improv as ourselves. Our internet personas, avatars or just our real...