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  1. Faithy

    Open Lockdown at Cordova [Can you escape before being decimated.]

    Cordova was like any other normal High School. The kids complained about being bored and the teachers complained about the misbehaving students. It had been this way for eons and all assumed it would remain this way for years to come. That all changed however one autumn day when it was least...
  2. Drackana Darastrix

    Drack's Dump

    So this is my dumping grounds for my current and mostly completed OCs. Most of these OCs may be monsters so just a warning to all should you not like that sort of thing. If your interested in learning more about a specific OC or want to RP with my characters, feel free to send me a PM...
  3. Drackana Darastrix

    A Human...?

    What would probably happen should Rauch meet his first Human. Humans often come into Ruach's world through the portals of the Rainbow Sea, but more often then not they dont survive very long seeing as Rauch's world is full of monsters and massive creatures that would easily eat something as...
  4. Drackana Darastrix

    The Random Art Dump

    Just some little art pieces done for my current favorite creature character Rauch, the Smoke Shifter. Ill probably dump some other art of some different things later....