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crossover fandoms

  1. Capri

    Main Event Symphony of Teyvat Sign Ups

    SYMPHONY OF TEYVAT (Co-GM: @York) In the mysterious realm of Teyvat, a dark force is rising. An unknown evil named the Tsaritsa has risen with their army, the Fatui. Her goals are unknown. She has been stealing the very essence of Gods throughout the land, the Gnoses. Seven in total, each...
  2. Atomic Knight

    Main Event Zero Hour Sign-Ups (Flashpoint Finale)

    It was gone. It was all gone. All that was left was the void. Cold, empty, lifeless. Nothing. Right Hand of the Magic God was only the beginning of the end… Fighting of the Spirit was only a mere prologue... Coinciding with Othinus’ plans, the rest of the Revanchist have been biding their...
  3. Jeremi

    Non-Canon This is Our Story

    It had been four months since the Melding and life continued on for everyone as well as it could. It had been much the same for the Greil Mercenary force, some would call them heroes of their world but here they were much like anyone else. Survivors. A lot of their forces had gone missing during...