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dragon ball

  1. Raynar Saassin

    Side Story The Second Cell Games

    Prologue - A Summon of Brave Warriors, a Great Evil has returned! One year before the arrival of Majin Buu, and a new threat presents itself. Cell, the biological Android who was supposedly defeated at the hands of Gohan and the Z-Fighters several years ago has returned, stronger than ever...
  2. Raynar Saassin

    Side Story Cell Games Reincarnated

    Prologue - A call to heroes, a great evil has risen! In the world of Dragon Ball, everything was in perfect harmony. After the defeat of the notorious Perfect Cell several years ago, everyone went back to their normal lives while Goku unfortunately remained dead due to his noble sacrifice...
  3. Raynar Saassin

    Non-Canon Broly

    In the world of Dragon Ball Z, at least in this timeline, a great evil was about to awaken. Broly. The Legendary Super Saiyan. A unstoppable force. A killing machine! At this point in time, the entire cast was on the *new* Planet Vegeta, and just as things were about to go bad, it starts to...
  4. Raynar Saassin

    Cell Games Reincarnated Info and Sign-Ups [Closed]

    Cell Games Reincarnated Based on the Cell Games from Dragon Ball Z, and borrows elements from the Xenoverse games. To follow the development for this side-story, read here! --> Pathway to Perfection. It was another peaceful day in the Multiverse. Everyone in their respective universes were...
  5. Raynar Saassin

    Dragon Ball - Wardens of Time

    Sign ups can be found here - Sign-up Thread. Do note however that once Chapter 1 begins, Sign-ups will be closed. Prologue - The Time Patrol's Newest Warriors In the Universe of Dragon Ball, history is flowing as it should, with the iconic battles occurring uninterrupted and exactly as they...
  6. Raynar Saassin

    Dragon Ball - Wardens of Time

    Premise In the world of Dragon Ball, everything was in current balance. With the historical events such as the Saiyan Saga, the Namek Saga, the Android / Cell Saga and the Buu Saga, everything was going perfectly as the time was in perfect balance, overseen by the Supreme Kai of Time; Chronoa...
  7. Raynar Saassin

    1x1 Pathway to Perfection

    A few hours after the Cell Games HFIL - "Home for Infinite Losers" Perfect Cell It has been a few hours since Cell's defeat at the hands of Gohan at the Cell Games. As is customary of all villains, these were tossed into cells where they were kept for all eternity under watch. Cell was...
  8. Raynar Saassin

    The Wardens of Time

    Prologue - Prelude to the End Over the course of Dragon Ball history, battles were raged that decided the fate of it's Universe. From the invasion of the Saiyans on Earth, to the battle against the Intergalactic Tyrant Frieza on Planet Namek, to the appearance of the Androids on Earth, to the...
  9. Raynar Saassin

    Wardens of Time - Sign Ups!

    This was an idea I've wanted to do for a while now and finally got the motivation to do it ^^ Note: This event will be treated as a Non Canon Story for the Convergence Series RP Group, dedicated to Multiverse RP. Check them out if you are interested in RPing as characters from different...