epic role-play

  1. Geck0

    Open Beyond the Ark

    A science fantasy set within a boat-shaped construct of cosmic proportions, Beyond the Ark features ubiquitous hard magic, the understanding of which has received centuries of scientific research and now has space-age application; with body modification and space-ready vessels being a readily...
  2. Atomic Knight

    Main Event Fighting of the Spirit

    Link to sign-ups here. Prologue "Ten Hours Remaining" Shortly before the Othinus Incident... In a dark place that only a select few beings had tread stood one man cloaked in black armor and his face obscured a foreboding helmet. He was named Revan, and he stood with his arms crossed...
  3. Atomic Knight

    Sandbox Ragnarok: Phase Two

    The character directory can be found here. For Ragnarok, please post a character sheet before posting here in the IC! To be a graduate of the Torch, is to do so in the knowledge that in doing so you become another ember. A spark that sets aflame all dark things and brings light where light...